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Planning a stag do weekend in the countryside? Party in the Peak District & Derbyshire!

So you’ve been ‘honoured’ with the task of organising the stag party. Well first of all congratulations there chap. It’s a hefty duty being the organiser of a stag weekend. Plenty of expectation, eh?

And now of course you’re looking for something different to tempt the lads with. Away from the ordinary. Unique. That’s cool. We hear you

So we’re guessing the first thing you want to dismiss is the usual city centre romp, right? Let’s face it, that option’s been played to death and you’ve all been there a hundred times before

And then there’s the going abroad for the stag do option. Sure that’s fine if you’ve got really big budgets, but all that’s becoming a little cliche nowadays too. And it’s a lot to ask of all the group to take time off work and dig deep into their own pockets. That’s when your numbers will start to dwindle

By now you’ve probably come across websites for companies that offer exactly the above. And that’s fine if it’s what you’re really looking for, but we think things have moved on. Expectations for stag parties have become ever higher as the years have progressed. No pressure then………

So how about something a little more up market? Fancy getting out in some of the most exhilarating countryside the UK has to offer?

Let us introduce you to the idea of joining us in the manly countryside terrain of Derbyshire & the Peak District!

What we do –

So let’s explain how it works. What we do is really simple. We can help you with as much, or as little of the stag weekend as you like. You can use us for absolutely everything, and we’ll go through every last nook and cranny with you, or you can just pick whatever you want from our website to bolt onto the weekend you’re organising yourself

We find organising a stag do usually works in 3 basic steps, and don’t worry we’re with you the whole way

Stage One

First of all you’ll need to find somewhere to lay your heads. Maybe a large group holiday cottage? Or a full on party house? Maybe log cabins, bunk barns or glamping are more your thing. Take a look here at our full range of pre-approved stag friendly Accommodation

A word of warning though. The best accommodation always goes quick round here, so if you see one you really like act on it. Don’t leave things to the last minute because you’ll really limit your options, and we want to give you the best bang for your buck

Stage Two

Once that’s sorted you’ll probably want to think about some things to do while you’re here. This is where it starts to become a lot more like fun, and you can generally take your time enjoying the process of selecting your favourite activities to do. We’ve got over 60 activities to choose from, all in the area and close by to our accommodation. Take a look at our full range of outdoor (and a few indoor) Activities

Stage Three

What we refer to as the Bells & Whistles stuff. This stage usually takes place a few weeks before you come to join us for your stag weekend, and it covers all the extra bits & bobs that will make all the difference to your overall experience. So we’ll talk to you about what you’re looking for when it comes to your night/s out. We can advise on the nearest city centres, the local towns & villages and their wealth of fabulous real ale gastro pubs, and some other real hidden gems only the locals know about. We’ll make your restaurant reservations if you fancy. And we’ll sort your mini bus journeys too if you like. You can read more on this here – Bells and Whistles

So there we go. It’s not rocket science is it! But we’ll make a promise to you now

We’re local. We’re not a faceless agency located in another part of the country.

We have more stag friendly accommodation than ANY other provider in the area.

We have more activities than ANY other provider in the area.

We’ll look after you and have your back every step of the way.

We won’t let you down.

We will make you look good.

We’ll never be too busy for you or make you feel like you’ve asked silly questions.

But please don’t take our word for it. We’re 5 stars on Trip Advisor. See what people think of us here Trip Advisor

When you’re ready give us a call on 01332 913113. Or fill in the enquiry box below and we’ll get straight back to you

So that’s us here at Hard Days Knight. We’re a small company with big hearts, and we love what we do. We hope you like the sound of us, and we’re ready and waiting to get cracking as soon as you are!

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