Article published: May 17th, 2023

When is the best time to book and plan a Stag Party?

Traditionally the stag do occurred the night before the wedding. I think any current groom-to-be would break out in a sweat about that idea these days, and I am pretty sure that the bride-to-be would rule it out completely!


Weddings are big events, and you don’t want to get in the way of any preparations or cause the groom any unnecessary stress before the big day. The groom may also want to be in tip-top condition for his big day, so it’s worth factoring in plenty of time to recover from the stag do.


It’s more realistic these days to schedule the stag party a few weeks or preferably months before the big day. The actual date is going to be down to your personal preferences and group availability. Really, there is no hard fast rule of when it should be.


Statistically, July, August and September are the most popular months in the UK to get married. Although not guaranteed, the weather tends to be slightly more practicable, which is probably why they remain popular. The consequent trend is that stag party season in the UK tends to kick off in March, and starts to fizzle out around October. Again, popular due to better weather and availability.


Although you may not be restricted to when you have your stag party, you must allow at least 3 – 6 months before the event to book it. If you have a specific date in mind, especially a popular weekend such as a bank holiday, we recommend booking it even more in advance. In a post-Covid world, there’s a greater demand for UK accommodation, and people tend to be more organised in getting properties booked.


Ultimately, you can have your stag party whenever you want, depending on your preferences and group availability. Just make sure if you want a specific date to get it booked at least 6 months beforehand. Most companies allow small deposits, and you don’t have to decide everything right away.

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