Article published: May 16th, 2023

Who organises a Stag Do?

Traditionally the Best Man is the one who arranges a stag party. However, over the years, stag do’s and stag party weekends have evolved into a big thing. Gone are the days of taking the groom for an evening out, getting him blind drunk and generally embarrassing him. Stag do’s can last a whole weekend, and boy, do they come with a lot of expectations!

If this is already making you break out in a sweat, don’t panic, there’s a lot of help at hand. Firstly, there has been a steadily growing trend for having a few best men on hand, and therefore the opportunity for a few of you to be involved in the planning process. You may find that the stag has a list of do’s and don’ts. Some will, without doubt, want a more traditional affair whilst others may opt for a countryside or active stag party weekend. Ultimately, you may find your budget dictates what is and isn’t possible.

If you’re still feeling a little lost, why not get a pro’s help? Yes, stag party planners and organisers do exist. Simply have a chat about what you’re looking for with rough group numbers, and someone like Greg Knight from Hard Days Knight will help advise and bring it all together for you. Surprisingly, stag party planners often get their commission from accommodation and activity owners; therefore, the whole weekend might cost less than doing all the work yourself.

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Don’t sweat it – get it sorted!

Get a few key decision-makers together and book a call back with Greg, and we can ensure you get what you want within your budget.


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