Article published: May 17th, 2023

What is a Countryside Stag Party UK?


The groom-to-be may declare he is looking for a Countryside Stag Party Weekend. But what does that mean?


Most of the time, it’s his way of saying he doesn’t want the heavy drinking night out on the town typically associated with a stag do. He may be looking to have quality time with his mates and enjoy memorable experiences together instead.


Call it an alternative or countryside stag party weekend, but essentially the groom-to-be is probably looking for a combination of good times without it not all being about drinking. The countryside stag party is best housed in self-catering group accommodation. There are plenty of options to go with here, from modern houses to country manors, if you’re looking for a bit of exclusivity and don’t have to worry about waking the neighbours. A rural setting will be the key ingredient to that perfect stag party HQ.


Generally speaking, you want 1 or 2 activities planned to keep everyone occupied and help the group bond. Great countryside activities include shooting, Hunted, gorge scrambling and river rafting. For more ideas, click here. If you’re petrol heads, why not do a quad trek and see the countryside at 50mph? There are all types of activities to suit adrenaline and budget parameters. But again, a rural setting and preferably getting a bit muddy or wet will work best!


Nighttime activities can take some forward planning for countryside stag parties. You may have members in your group that still want that big night out. And that’s no problem. Alternatives to consider, though, include cooking your own meal. Why not try pizza making, an Indian cookery experience or even a catered BBQ at your HQ? You could even have a keg of beer and just enjoy being with your mates. You may want to sample the local pub or gastro experience or head into the local towns. Countryside pub tours are becoming a popular way to combine that rural real ale experience while ensuring you end up in the city for your big night out.


As you can see, the countryside stag party weekend offers loads of great options, and there is something for everyone. If you would like any more help or ideas on how to get started planning your countryside stag party, get in touch, check out our blogs or sign up for our newsletter.


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