Article published: March 10th, 2014

Picture the scene. You’d already made the eminently sensible decision to let us arrange your stag or hen event and the day has finally arrived. You’re out on the amazing event having one hell of a good time with your besties doing whatever it is we’ve arranged for you, perhaps Pump Action Shotguns, Quad Trekking and a lovely Vintage Afternoon Tea, or maybe a Pamper Party followed by a spot of Game Butchery (not a euphemism).

Whatever you’re up to you’ll doubtless want to capture the moment, but in this cruel and unfair world you can’t quite get what all the so called celebrities get. Just because you haven’t got a walk on part in a third rate soap there isn’t an army of paparazzi lurking in the bushes to photograph your every move.


Whilst such Z listers simply have to walk into their newsagents to pick up the latest edition of “Celebrity Eh Up Now” to use as their stag or hen photo album you have to rely on the blurry snaps you managed to salvage from the memory card of your ruined iPhone just after the notorious swimming pool incident later on in the evening.

But why should these undeserving nonentities get a better deal than you? The simple fact is they shouldn’t. Which is why we can put the world to rights and arrange a Fly on the Wall Photoshoot for your event.

We can provide a professional photographer who will follow you around during your daytime activities or night time frolics.

You’ll get an amazing set of professional photographs for you and your group and what’s more you won’t have to dirty your hands at the newsagents by having to buy a copy of “Showbiz OK Celebrity Curtain Twitchers”.

Although you might still want to pop in for a Cornetto. (Again, not a euphemism.)