Article published: May 23rd, 2023

How Much Does a Hen Party Cost?


The cost of a hen party is going to vary greatly depending on various factors.

A market leader in arranging hen parties estimated the average cost of a UK hen party to be £200 in 2019.

Hard Days Knight, which organises hen parties in the Peak District, has packages priced from £99 to £279.


Essentially you will need to speak to the bride-to-be and friends to decide on what budget you are comfortable with.

Hen parties are highly personalised events, and it’s challenging to give an exact estimate of the cost.


Here are some typical expenses to consider.



Generally, accommodation will be the biggest hen party cost, although it will depend on what type of lodgings you choose, from budget-friendly to luxury hotels or self-catering cottages.

Prices will vary, but a hostel can cost from £30 per person, per night, a hotel from £45 per person, per night or a self-catering cottage from £50 per person, per night.



This will vary widely but is something you, as the hen party organiser, can control. Outdoor adventures such as hiking or cycling can be low-cost or even free.

If you want a more specialised activity or experience, prices will vary depending on the activity and duration.

Our activity prices start at £19 per person, and go up to £89 per person.


Food & Drinks

This, again, will depend on what choices you make. Bringing your own, or doing a group shop can be a great money-saving tip.

Dining out at restaurants can range from affordable to high-end establishments. You may want to invest in a personal chef or consider some take-out options.

To keep costs under control, plan ahead and make sure you think to include this in your budget.

Please look at our dedicated blog for more options. Allow anything from £20 – £80pp per day.



If you’re travelling to a different location for the hen party, transportation costs should be factored in.

This includes the cost of flights, train tickets, or petrol if driving.

Public transport costs will vary based on the distance and mode of transportation.

You’ll want to think about daytime transport to take you to activities you’ve booked, or places you’d like to visit.

The same goes for evening transport, if you’re planning a night out on the tiles.


Decorations and Accessories

This can easily be missed, but it can soon start to add up.

Hen party accessories such as sashes, tiaras, games and decorations will all contribute to your overall costs, so don’t forget to factor it in when budgeting.


Hopefully, the above factors will give you a starting point for your budget when planning your own hen party.

The important thing to consider is that it’s affordable for the bride-to-be and friends, so you need to set a budget that’s right for you.


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