Article published: January 10th, 2012

We’re hoping it’s still OK to wish you a Happy New Year.  January is always a time for reflection for many people.  It’s the whole ‘New Year, New Me’ scenario and lots of us reflect on our sedentary lifestyles, recent unhealthy living and put those new years resolutions into action.  Anything from joining ‘that’ gym to going on ‘that’ diet.  But let’s not forget the kids though!

Healthy and active-living lifestyle habits are often rooted in childhood and today’s little people are renowned for immersing themselves in video game and Internet culture, often spending hour after hour of valuable spare time using technology rather than enjoying an active lifestyle outside.  That’s why throughout January, Hard Day’s Knight is devoting a lot of time to our magnificent little people.  We’ll be focusing on outdoor activities for children, including kids party ideas in Derbyshire and Staffordshire that are crammed with exciting, adrenaline-fueled activities.  Activities that will see them burn those calories, wear themselves out, as well as bond with their friends having a thoroughly great time.

Hard Days Knight carries an array of activities just for kids including: Boot Camp, Bushcraft & Survival, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Go Karting, Watersports and much, much more; all activities that will get them outside and get them active.  And if it’s computer games they’re craving, then our Jungle Laser Combat has resulted in many a child exclaiming that “it’s just like a real video game”.  Well it is.  Only better!

So here’s to the kids! And here’s to a healthy and active January, just for them!