Article published: November 24th, 2011

Rage Buggies - The ULTIMATE stag activity

The ultimate boys toys!

This month’s activity focus is a little hair raising!  Hold on to your hats, it’s Rage Buggies!

If you’re looking for stuff to do close to Derby and Nottingham and if you’re after some ‘real’ excitement, then consider what it’s like driving your own rugged 4 wheeler with attitude. As the starting light goes green, let your adrenaline pump over a 720 metre track complete with hairpin bends, banked corners and chicanes.

It’s the perfect outdoor activity for all groups, especially stag weekends and all other group parties.

Following an expert safety briefing and an un-timed practice, put our professional Supersport Raceway timing system with LCD display screen to the test against your friends or colleagues. Cool off with a team debrief on the track and a performance review in the clubhouse, along with complimentary drinks. Excellent!  You’ll also be able to take home driver printouts to compare times when the adrenalin rush has died down!

For more details on our Rage Buggy Activity, click here!

Want to see some Rage Buggies in action? Click here to whet your appetite!