Article published: March 17th, 2014

If you’re a fan of Tarantino movies then you’re bound to have watched the Kill Bill films. If so, you’ll remember the scene from Kill Bill Volume 2 where eye patch toting femme fatale nut job assassin Elle Driver gets her remaining eye plucked out in a showdown with Uma Thurman’s character “The Bride”.

In the film we never see the ultimate fate of Elle Driver but it’s more than likely that the pair soon make up and The Bride decides to make Elle her chief bridesmaid by way of an apology.

Imagine though the inconvenience when she needs to organise a hen event and wants to find something she too can participate in.

Sounds tricky doesn’t it? Not when you have the vast array of events which Hard Days Knight can organise. We have the perfect event whatever your circumstances or budget.


In this case we’d recommend our Blind Driving Experience. Great fun for all participants and no previous experience or eyeballs required.

If you’re not a Tarantino fan and wonder what on earth we are babbling about in such poor taste you can check out the trailer here.