Article published: November 4th, 2011

As the Eurozone descends into financial turmoil, and the global economy begins to enter meltdown, one Englishman stands defiant against the worldwide tide of economic woe as his Midlands business empire continues to march from strength to strength.

Greg Knight, man, visionary, business legend, and the enigmatic boss of events management giant Hard Days Knight continues in his goal to make his organisation the dominant force in UK stag and hen party event production.

Whilst others shy away from marketing investment in these troubled times Greg is investing heavily in a web based growth strategy which he is confident will promote short to medium term growth in market share and massively enhance long term longevity prospects for the business.

With a new website within days of launch and his search engine optimisation consultant poised to unleash hell on his competitor search engine rankings Greg is in buoyant mood.

“I’m aiming for nothing less than global domination here” says Greg with the quiet yet assertive confidence the business world has come to expect and admire.

“It’s all about having a vision and then turning that vision into reality. Basically, I bend reality to my will. So when I say I dream of global stag and hen event domination that’s what I’m determined to achieve.”

Knight’s achievements are without question, although like all business figures in the public eye his activities have come under the spotlight, some with negative connotations.

His critics insist that an organisation with access to so many shotguns has an unfair advantage in the market place.

Greg is dismissive of such claims.

“OK, so people get hurt in the rough and tumble of the stag and hen arena, and yes, one or two of my competitors have mysteriously vanished, but that’s just pure coincidence. Basically, if people don’t like the way I do business f*#k ‘em.”