Article published: April 7th, 2014

As news titles go we’ll admit that sounds like a bit of a yawnfest. “Fun and educational” doesn’t conjure visions of an event that ends up with you wearing cardboard L plates and a tutu when you awake semi-submerged in an unknown paddling pool clasping an empty bottle of Newkie Brown and wearing only one shoe. To be honest though if that’s the kind of event you’re after we’re probably not the best people to contact. We arrange a far classier event. For a start you’d be grasping an empty bottle of either Malibu or Babycham at the very least.

But let’s get serious here. Presumably the bride is aspiring to the future life that traditionally every bride aspires to, namely the perfect husband followed after a suitably respectable delay by the perfect 2.4 children.

If so, such a life has to be prepared for carefully. And that’s where one of our activities can be perfect to not only have fun but serve as a valuable step up the ladder toward future happiness.

Picture the future scene. The bride (now wife) has her perfect 2.4 children strapped into the back of her brand new Chelsea tractor. She’s about to drop them off at their idyllic up market society nursery. But in such circumstances no self respecting society lady can simply pull up at the kerb.

The very idea.

As we all know the correct approach in this challenging social environment is to arrive with two wheels on the road, one on the pavement, the fourth perhaps having crushed a small post-box or local vagrant. And if you can have driven backwards over a village green and through a duck pond first so much the better.

That’s where our Reverse Steer Experience will give the bride all the future experience she’ll need to negotiate this tricky future social skill with ease. You’ll negotiate our Derbyshire course in a 4×4 that’s been modified so when you turn left the thing goes right. Before you know it she’ll be able to pilot her future pink Range Rover Evoque like a pro.