Article published: April 14th, 2014

Hollywood has taught us many valuable lessons. Avoid house purchases on land formerly used as burial grounds, consider wisely whether to proceed with drunken skinny dipping in the lake where the teens were brutally murdered one hundred years ago the very same night, and, when an escaped mental patient is on the loose in the grounds of your deserted country estate resist the otherwise perfectly natural temptation to wander outside to investigate the sudden unexplained late night failure of your generator (especially when the batteries in your torch have coincidentally started to run low).

Perhaps though the most regularly taught lesson is that the world as we know it will soon be coming to an end in one of two ways, namely zombie apocalypse or alien invasion.

And in both scenarios the common theme is that those who survive are not necessarily the smartest or the strongest. Invariably, it is those who look cool using a pump action shotgun.

But where oh where you ask yourself can you acquire such specialist skills?

Fear not. Once again we at Hard Days Knight can provide the solution. Simply book your stag or hen event to include our Pump Action Shotgun Experience. You and your party will have a fantastic experience, there are loads of opportunities for great photos, and what’s not to love about blasting stuff with a shooter?

Once word of caution though.

This event is held at our country estate in Derbyshire. The key word here being “country”. Whilst we can virtually guarantee in the event of a zombie apocalypse the skills you’ll learn will prove invaluable make sure you don’t get carried away. During the day you may come into contact with groups of individuals swaying, shuffling and mumbling incoherently with both eyes looking in different directions simultaneously.

These are locals and not to be blasted.