Article published: April 23rd, 2014

Your hen event like your wedding day should be the stuff of dreams. And what girl hasn’t dreamed of winning at the show jumping final of Horse of the Year show, getting the fastest time at the Badminton Horse Trials, or faffing around from point A to point E at a free walk on a long rein to claim Olympic victory in the dressage?

One little problem though. You don’t have a horse and you’ve never ridden in your life.

Fear not. Here at Hard Days Knight we’re not going to let trivial obstacles like the facts stand in the way of your dreams. Hell no.

So dry those pretty eyes, the girls too, and get yourself booked onto our Horse Riding & Trekking activity. We cater for groups of all abilities at our beautiful Derbyshire equestrian centre. With activities for groups of four or more you can choose from an event ranging from thirty minutes to two hours. And whichever you pick you’ll get qualified instructors, all the equipment you need including hats, and best of all, rosettes.

It’s a great activity, it’s something a little different, and not only will you and your party have fun but you’ll get an extra sense of achievement knowing that every horse that we keep in gainful activity at our centre means one less potentially horrid lasagne on your shelves.