Article published: March 24th, 2014

Back in the nineties when people had neither taste nor apparently adequate hearing it was all the rage for brides up and down the land to choose as their processional march the dulcet tones of Canadian cratered crooner Bryan Adams with his “Everything I Do I Do It for You”.

For those of you young enough or fortunate enough to have no knowledge of this particular ditty it was the theme tune from the film “Robin Hood Prince of Thieves” a chick flick of such immense limpness as to make Bridget Jones look like the Terminator. Perplexingly though couples couldn’t get enough of it.

Perhaps though, in the cynical twenty first century we’ve all lost touch with a simpler happier time and should strive to recapture some of this lost magic. Maybe we dismiss too freely the thought that Robin Hood inspired activities can play any part in a modern wedding.

Au contraire.

If you’re looking for a stag or hen event to invoke the heroic swashbuckling glory of days gone by then you couldn’t go far wrong with our Air Rifles & Archery Taster Session.


OK, so Robin Hood and his men didn’t use air rifles. (Of course they would have done had such fearful military might been available back in the day.) But they certainly were archers of repute. And now you and your group can try your hand too.

You and your merry band will compete to see who has the best aim and best of all tights are optional.

Here’s a taster from the aforementioned film to give you a hint of the type of action and adventure you can only dare to think you might emulate.