Article published: April 29th, 2014

When some of our customers ask us to plan the perfect stag or hen event they often have aspirations of emulating a lifestyle only normally witnessed on the pages of glossy society magazines.

Who hasn’t wanted to sail their own private yacht to Monte Carlo to enjoy the billionaire lifestyle?

But at Hard Days Knight we can offer something just a little more exclusive.

Yes it must be nice for Roman Abramovich to arrive in the biggest yacht in the world, for Bill Gates or that bloke who owns Ikea to board their yachts via their own heliport, or even god bless her our very our Queen Liz rock up on the Royal Yacht Britannia.

But none of them have done what we’re offering you. It is the sailing opportunity of a lifetime. One in the eye for the mega rich. The chance to dream the dream they could never even dream of.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you . . . fanfare please . . . A Canal Boat Weekend in the Peak District.

You’ll get your very own crew (called Mark and Ruth), a weekend of cruising stopping for occasional walks, activities or the pub, two nights of on board accommodation, a bar, and perhaps most exotic of all tea, coffee ‘and’ hot chocolate.

If you need any final convincing then here’s a last thought.

Whilst a yachting trip to Monte Carlo was described as

“the bluest of all seas is nowhere bluer than when you see it between the marble balustrades of the long white terrace before the casino”

a weekend on the canal barge in the Peaks was described as

“a good laugh”.

We rest our case.