Article published: February 14th, 2014

If you need some inspiration for the perfect outdoor stag adventure then look no further than “The Stag”.

Basically, you should use this film as your definitive handbook to planning all aspects of your stag event – study carefully what they do, and then make sure you do the exact opposite.

That said you might find the rural setting will begin to stir the primitive man in you. Why stoop to visiting a restaurant when you can hunt it, skin it, boil it and scoff it whilst dressed in no more than animal skins? And what’s more, once you’ve served a short custodial sentence and been banned for life by the RSPCA from keeping pets you’ll find yourself thinking bricks and mortar are for wimps.

Surely buildings with roofs and windows and running water are only for soft losers who don’t understand what it is to be a real man?

That’s where our Tipis and Army Tents may be for you. OK, so we offer all manner of other amazing accommodation including luxury log cabins, chapel conversions, country residences, barn conversions and party houses.

But you won’t want them will you? No. Once you’ve done battle with nature and won on one of our outdoor activities you’ll want nothing more than return to a lovely tent. Indeed, that’s probably a bit too luxurious for you. But sadly we can’t let you just sleep in a muddy field. Those bureaucrats from Health & Safety for some reason seem to have a dim view of guests who die of hypothermia.

The world’s gone mad.