Article published: April 22nd, 2012

Team building is about alignment of vision with expectations, ensuring team members clearly understand their roles, and making sure they have the right resources to perform said duties with exacting precision. That’s according to a recent article by Mike Myatt in Forbes.

Myatt also goes on to say that it is the truly great organisations that put theory into practice. Great leaders intrinsically understand that team building catalyzes collaboration, creates both disruptive and incremental innovation, facilitates a certainty of execution, and is one of the key foundational elements associated with creating a dynamic corporate culture. So how can today’s team leaders, human resource managers and Directors plan team building events that will make a lasting impact on their employees?

Team building events need to focus on shared experiences, working towards common goals, something that the whole team will be able to enjoy together and to discuss and debate for months to come.  The Midlands, including Derbyshire and Staffordshire is dotted with some truly superb outdoor activity centres.  As the weather improves, the opportunities to plan memorable and engaging outdoor team building activities are upon us.

From Shooting and Combat, which includes archery and clay pigeon shooting to motorsport and driving, which includes go karting and 4×4, to watersports, encompassing windsurfing, sailing and kayaking, Hard Days Knight brings together all of these activities across numerous centres, providing companies with the opportunity to stage a bespoke combination of the aforementioned to suit any team objectives and budget.

To make a real difference to your team, get in touch with Hard Days Knight to discuss your requirements!