Article published: April 14th, 2012

Lets look at the basics first:  A team is any group of people who come together temporarily to achieve a common purpose.  So as well as corporate groups, this can also include sports teams, groups of people sharing hobbies and interests and so forth.

There is a plethora of research surrounding effective team building, but there is no magic formula” for building an effective team, or so it would seem.  What does seem to ring true is that effective team building focuses around shared experiences.  Perhaps the more stimulating and enjoyable, the better.

Any human resource manager of departmental leader will gain a greater understanding of their team through arranging a team building weekend.  By studying how the individuals within their team interact and work together will enhance their capability of helping their teams to learn how to work together effectively.

Hard Days Knight manages bespoke team building Derbyshire and Midlands wide, providing a bespoke, tailored package of activities in specialist outdoor activity centres across the region.  Working closely with our clients, we ensure that a precise combination of activities match team requirements and exceed your the team building objectives.  A combination of Shooting and Combat, Motorsport and Driving, Watersports and much more can be put together along with catering and accommodation too.

Developing teams requires a combination of improving work skills, understanding of others, communication and negotiation skills, and problem solving skills.  A healthy selection of exhilarating outdoor activities is a superb way to achieving this!  Get in touch with Hard Days Knight now to start planning your perfect team building weekend!