Article published: January 24th, 2023

What makes a unique and fun-filled hen party?


What are YOU looking for??


Hen parties have been happening for many generations and have evolved and refined over the years. There is no right or wrong answer to what works. It’s all down to the bride-to-be and group of friends. The heart of a hen party is celebration and fun, although everyone’s idea of that may be slightly different.

Rather than google searching unique hen party ideas or what is trending in hen party activities for 2023, why don’t you start with speaking to the key decision makers, the bride-to-be, maid of honour and bridesmaids?

You can start by discussing what you want the weekend to feel like, action-packed or chilled and relaxed. Share experiences of previous hen parties, so you know what you want and what you definitely want to avoid repeating!

Does the bride-to-be love the water or often feel the need for speed? This info is excellent for starting to create your special weekend, which by all accounts, will be unique to you and your friends. If your girl loves a festival vibe, then go with it. Creating this type of atmosphere works brilliantly for hen dos and isn’t that hard to recreate on any budget.

Once you have the essence and theme of the weekend, everything else will slot in place. Location and budgets can be challenging, and you may want to keep that in mind. But you can stay true to the theme of the weekend or night and adjust elements to make it right for you and your group.

Watch out for more blogs on planning your fantastic hen party in 2023.