Article published: July 26th, 2022

Looking for Value

Over the past couple of years, we have been locked down and desperate to get out and about and see loved ones, to all of us now worrying if we can afford to do so.

It may seem that with there being so many obstacles in the way, you just don’t feel like organising anything right now. We hear you.

But the last couple of years have taught us how important family and friends are, and the importance of seeing each other in person is so rewarding. We’ve all had enough of Zoom parties, right? Don’t avoid getting something in the diary – just make it work for you.

It may seem a daunting task arranging a stag or hen party in the current climate, and many of your group may be concerned about spending. You may not realise that there are some benefits to booking as a group, as it can really bring the costs down. The actual cost of a large property between 10 people can be as little as £35pppn (that’s cheaper than a Travel Lodge.)

You don’t have to do expensive activities; with a little imagination and organisation you can have a great time. Most of our properties are in the countryside with great walks on your doorstep. We actually offer packages from £100pp for a 3 night stay! Some activities can cost as little as £30pp and will keep you entertained for most of the day, whilst some food activities not only provide entertainment but also dinner!

We think today it’s all about getting value for your money. Speak to your group or start a WhatsApp chat about what people are comfortable spending. Once you have a budget, get in touch with a company like us that can advise on what’s achievable. We have packages on our website for that very reason – they can give you a real idea of what the weekend is going to cost per person.

We offer several packages and can offer great deals on activities if you’ve booked you accommodation with us. That cheap online property may sound a great deal, but once you’ve added the activities on, we can offer far greater value for money.

Yes you may be spending money, but if you’re getting great value for money and an experience that everyone enjoys it’s worth it. Don’t avoid booking your weekend away – make it work for you and your group!