Article published: March 24th, 2021

In this post COVID world booking any break is difficult, let alone planning a stag do. Crowded city centre locations are probably not what your group is looking for right now. So….let us introduce you to some of the best stag do ideas in the stunning Peak District and its’ surrounding areas which are COVID safe.


    1. Hunted
      Just like the popular TV programme. The feeling of being a fugitive, being hunted in the open countryside is both exhilarating and terrifying, with socially distancing is part of the game. Your mission: To avoid capture (whilst collecting tokens shown on your map). The hunters know every trick in the book, and they’re coming for you…

Hunted - Stag do ideas Hunted in real life


    1. Quad Trekking Extreme
      If you’re looking for Stag do ideas, normal quad biking just won’t cut it. This extreme trekking version puts you in control of 400cc Suzuki quads which are capable of speeds in excess of 60mph. You’ll be faced with miles of exhilarating terrain including steep slopes, wild woodland and challenging hills.

Quad Trekking Stag Do Ideas Stag Do Ideas Quad Trekking


  1. The Shooting Syndicate
    This activity is for those of you that want the full shooting experience. Over the course of around three hours, you’ll cover five different areas of shooting:

Air Pistol Shooting or Axe Throwing

Clay Pigeon Shooting using Traditional Shotguns or Pump Action Shotguns

.22 Calibre Rifle Shooting

Crossbow Shooting

Traditional Archery

Divided into teams and scored (of course) you can finally end the “I’m definitely better than you!” argument.
Pump Action Shotguns Stag Do Ideas Stag Do Ideas Sniper School


  1. Bubble Football

This activity brings new meaning to who is in your bubble and could lead to your most hilarious game of football you’ll ever witness. Your head, body and arms are encased in the bubble, with just your legs exposed. You can run around and kick the ball but with your arms fixed in place its much harder to balance. Which can make for some interesting moves.
Bubble Football Stag Do Ideas Stag Do Ideas Bubble Football


These are some of our most popular stag do ideas… especially taking into consideration COVID restrictions and social distancing. All of our centres are COVID safe.

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If you want to find out more, or need some help to arrange your stag weekend – get in touch!