Article published: December 15th, 2011

There’s a lot to think of and a lot to plan when sending off your mate with style.  Follow our top tips for a triumphant stag do weekend!

1: The day
Don’t plan a stag do the day before the wedding. That’s just bonkers.  A wedding requires at least two people and the groom kind of needs to get gets to the alter on time.  Plan a structured group activity weekend well in advance.

2: Organise structured activities
By this, we don’t mean ordering jugs of beer rather than pints.  Many stag dos can result in the creative usage of shavers, permanent pens, the stranding of cross-dressed grooms and worse even. Again, refer to top tip 1.  Planning a stag weekend that features a selection of structured activities, having consulted and involved the entire group well in advance what they’d like to do, means that even the more ‘energetic’ members of your group will be entertained. No dresses, no shavers, unless of course that’s what you plan in advance.

3: Only use professional, insured activity centres
If you are considering adrenaline fueled stag activities, from paintball, to rage buggies, to clay pigeon shooting, for everyone’s sake, make sure you select reputable, established and insured outdoor activity centres.  Again, refer to point 1.

5: Stay in accommodation fit for the purpose
It’s traditional for groups of stags to stay in run down 1 and 2 star hotels, or worse even. But why?  It’s just not right! It’s not pleasant for you or the rest of the hotel guests. Chose dedicated stag do accommodation close to your activities in Derbyshire and Staffordshire.

5: Plan and plan again.
Military precision is key!  Great organisational skills are imperative for a successful stag do weekend. Communicate early and regularly with your stags. Find out their availability, their preferences and keep a note on an excel spreadsheet. Note their locations and if possible, plan your stag weekend at a location central to all stags.

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