Article published: October 2nd, 2023

Plan the Ultimate Sten-Do: A Guide to Crafting a Joint Celebration You’ll Never Forget


The definition of a Sten-Do is a combined celebration for stags and hens. It’s gaining popularity for future brides and grooms as it allows everyone to get involved. It’s not only a fun alternative but much more inclusive and cost-effective.
But remember, planning a successful Sten-Do isn’t just about combining two parties into one. It requires careful consideration of the guest list, budget, activities, and – most importantly – keeping the fun factor alive.

If you’re ready to ditch tradition, here’s some ‘sten-dos’ and ‘sten don’ts to help you plan the perfect event:


Do: Maintain Equality
Check that there are an even number of stags and hens. This prevents anyone from feeling left out and maintain a sense of balance.
It might be hard if one party is initially larger than the other, but having too many stags or too many hens will only cause problems with planning down the line.
Agree to a number on each side and be decisive with your invite list. Not everybody you work with must come to your celebration!


Don’t: Ignore the budget
Sten-Dos can be more cost-effective than two separate events, but it’s still important to consider the individual budgets of your attendees.
Set a budget that’s affordable for all guests and stick to it. Don’t let your best friend convince you that a weekend away in Zante is going to be worth the money when you know not everyone can afford it.


Do: Involve both parties in planning
This isn’t just a stag or hen event – both the bride and groom need to be involved in the decision making.
Traditionally you might hand it over to the maid of honour and best man to organise the event, so make sure they can both put their heads together successfully when it comes to forming ideas.
Combine forces and decide on group activities that everyone can enjoy. Uncle Rob might be happy to visit the spa for a pedicure, but will Nana appreciate a late-night visit to a casino?


Don’t: Disregard the guest list
Carefully consider who to invite. With double the guests, you have double the personalities – but hopefully not double the trouble! Think about who is going to get along well together, and who might just have to dip out.
Why risk an awkward encounter that could ruin the night for everyone else? If you fear there might be cause for concern, reconsider your guest list.


Do: Hire experts
For any event with a lengthy guest list, planning can become overwhelming. When you’re already organising a wedding, take the pressure off a little and hire a party planner.
A party is designed to be enjoyed by all – including the hosts. Get help coordinating your event by enlisting an expert who knows exactly what they’re doing.
Remember to factor this into your budget. It will be money well spent if it means you can rid yourself of worry and focus on having a good time.


Don’t: Forget the fun
The top priority when planning a Sten-Do is making sure that everyone has fun.
You should know your guests well and have a rough idea of what they’d enjoy the most. If you’ve got a singer amongst you, think Karaoke. Is someone a bit of a petrol head? Try out go-karting. Maybe you all want to just relax? Look at retreats to the seaside and have a boozy picnic on the beach.
There’s no limits to what you can do, but having an array of unique activities throughout the day will keep spirits high and encourage everyone to mingle.


Let’s Go
Embrace this modern twist to pre-wedding celebrations and start planning your perfect Sten-Do. Gather your group, get creative, and put on an event that will get everyone talking!


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