Article published: May 6th, 2012

The power of events and celebrations to pull people together has been discussed time and time again by a huge number of human resources and business writers.  Because we spend day in and day out working together with our colleagues and focussing only on the business at hand, this becomes our sole medium for interaction. As such, its character is very formal, often technical and administrative, and often hectic and pressured.

By introducing events or celebrations into the organisation’s dynamic though, the character of team relationships changes. It allows team members time to pull back, relax and to celebrate what has been accomplished, and to look at each other as fellow humans bound together by a common purpose.  From a team building perspective, this allows for greater interaction between people separated by functional boundaries. This interaction then gives us the opportunity to see our colleagues from a different perspective, breaking down what may have been hidden barriers to open communication.

Events and celebrations are often characterised by seasonal celebrations, such as Christmas, but as the warmer weather is upon us, the opportunities for team building Midlands wide are upon us.  Derbyshire and Staffordshire are awash with a number of high quality outdoor activity centres, from go-karting tracks, to water-sports centres to target sports grounds.  Hard Days Knight is able to work with your team to gain a through understanding of both your overall team building objectives, the personal activity preferences of your team members and is able to provide a very tailored team building solution across multiple centres so suit any budget.

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