Article published: February 11th, 2022

The Full Monty Package

There are simply loads of things that you can do, hopefully our last blog has helped to focus your search for the ideal activities for your group. We’ve put together packages of the most popular activities, and by booking it as a package it can save you money too.

The Full Monty has been designed to keep your group entertained from dusk ’til dawn. The whole weekend incorporates adrenaline kicks, team building and your evening entertainment and food. But most importantly, fun and laughter! You want this weekend to be memorable right!

Our Extreme Quad Trekking experience is brilliant! Get out on miles of rugged terrain, including fast open ground, wild woodlands, streams and challenging hill sections. All on 400cc Suzuki quadbikes, which are capable of speeds in excess of 60mph.

The Shooting Syndicate is a half day experience set on a beautiful country estate. Try your hand at 5 unique and individual styles of shooting. Superb when run as a competition.

Our Cracking Night Out is brilliant for groups. Your own personal minibus/coach will pick you up from your accommodation, and chauffeur your group around the very best pubs in the area. Stay in each pub as long or as little as you like! This package includes a meal at one of the pubs and a brewery, gin or cocktail experience. Get dropped off back at your accommodation, or how about we venture into one of the nearby city centres for some neon signs, more drinking and maybe a bit of a boogie!

As with all our packages, this can be tweaked to your group and it really gives you the best experience for the best value. If you want to chat through any of these options please just give us a call or book a call back and talk to one of our experienced guides.