Article published: March 23rd, 2023

You can’t even get a 99-ice cream for 99p anymore. So can you get a stag weekend for £99pp?


Your first thought about arranging a stag do for your best friend may have been brilliant – let’s get this party started!

But I bet the first question you get asked as you’re handing out the invites is ‘how much is the weekend going to cost mate?’
Everyone expects a hangover, but no one wants to still be paying for the weekend months after the event.


Although it’s obvious you’ll need that magic ‘price-per-person’ when you’re researching accommodation and activities, it can get a tad more complicated.
We always recommend speaking to the group and setting an initial budget so that you can get an idea of what the group is willing to pay.


We picked the figure of £99 to really challenge what you can get for your money.

Is it really possible? You bet it is! And it is available to book now.

Stay in a chapel conversion in a great central location in the Peak District and choose one activity – Outdoor Go-Karting or Paintball.
The total cost based on 20 people is £99pp for the whole weekend!
This is available on 19th June based on 20 people and if you want to book it, get in touch ASAP!


If you’re willing to step up a gear and look at £99 per person per night (we chuck in the 3rd night for free, a total cost of £198), then not only are you looking at the accommodation but 2 premium activities and a Coach Pub Tour in the evening. We’ve worked this quote on staying at the same property, and we’ll be including The Shooting Syndicate and Hunted.
The coach tour includes the cost of transport for 20 people from 8pm until midnight.
Not only is this a brilliant weekend, but it leaves you with change as the total cost is £182.50pp.


Both these options are available right now!

If those options aren’t quite what you are looking for, no worries!
We specialise in creating bespoke weekends, with YOUR choices of accommodation and activities.
We’ll work with you to create the weekend you’re looking for on your budget.


You’ll be surprised what you can achieve when you speak to the right people!