Article published: August 9th, 2013

Well that’s according to the Sun. It reports a new fad sweeping the United States of a risqué spin on the pre-wedding tradition. Yup, the bride and her hens are getting naked. The fad sees hens and in some cases stags (although this fad is not so popular with the guys as it is with the gals) embark on a series of activities in the buff.

Here at Hard Day’s Knight we’ve no objection to stags and hens shedding their clothes if that’s what makes them happy, although we’re not sure some of our activities, such as water sports, climbing, caving, gorge scrambling and the likes will be that safe, nor enjoyable in the ‘nuddy’. And besides, we all know the effect cold conditions can have on men!

But venture indoors and you’ll find some of our lower exertion activities are very much ‘birthday suit’ orientated. Start off with our nude life drawing; perfect for Derbyshire hen weekends. We have Butlers in the buff; handsome hunks who will wait on you hand and foot, and not to mention their female counterparts, Butlerettes in the buff; gorgeous scantily clad beauties to keep your glass topped up.

So to plan your Derbyshire hen do or Peak District stag activity weekend, nude or fully clothed, get in touch!