Article published: June 7th, 2022

Stag Do on a Budget

We’re all really aware that the cost of living has gone up, and although your friends really want to come on your amazing stag do, the reality is can they afford it? The problem with stag parties is that they generally have a diverse group of people. Some big spenders and some that just simply can’t afford it.
As the stag party organiser, planning an event that caters for everybody can be extremely challenging. However, a stag party on a budget does not have to boring!!


Go straight to the man in charge and speak to the Groom. Between you set a budget on how much per person you’re willing to spend. From there you can work backwards to see if what you want to do meets that key figure. At the end of the day its up to you and the groom as to where the main % of your budget goes on but remember…..


You can simply choose to stay at home for a £0 budget, or a night out locally. You may wish to consider camping, self-catered accommodation or a hotel – at around £35ppppn its not as expensive as you may think. Yes, it’s more of an initial cost, but after all things considered staying in a holiday cottage may be cheaper than the night out on the town. It’s all in the….


Don’t forget to add the more forgotten about costs of food, drink and activities. Fuelling your party is a must! Without it, you will burn out. Planning food into your day, night or weekend will help reduce the costs. Order an online delivery, or budget in that takeaway. Look out for group discounts too!

Planning and group purchasing supplies for beers, spirits and wines can be very cost effective. Look out for supermarket offers, and buy in advance. Don’t leave it all to the last minute!

Just make sure that you have some soft drinks in the budget to. Buying your own is always going to be the cheapest version, but look out for happy hour and group discounts if you’re going out on the town.
There is loads of stuff that groups can get up to, and a lot of them are free. We would suggest planning in some activities or games – if not things can get a bit flat. Keep up that high energy with walks, and outdoor games. This is such a massive topic that it warrants another blog! But the main point for now is plan what you’re going to do in advance, and remember paid activities can be great value depending on how long they keep you entertained for.

The ongoing theme is budget, decide your location and plan and you will have an amazing stag do on the budget that’s right for your group. Make time at the early stages to find out what the groom wants and get the foundations right.

We get the pressure of planning a stag do can be difficult and here at HDK we take the no fuss, no stress and no drama approach – so if in doubt give us a shout!