Article published: January 15th, 2024

Stag Do: Abroad vs. UK – Finding the Perfect Balance


Planning a stag do is an exciting endeavour, but one of the first big decisions you’ll face is whether to have it abroad or in the UK. Each option comes with its own set of pros and cons, and it’s essential to weigh them carefully to ensure a memorable celebration for the groom-to-be and the entire crew.

However, here’s a secret – you can have a bit of both, especially with the charming Peak District offering a fantastic UK option. Let’s dive into the advantages and disadvantages of each choice and explore why combining them can be the ultimate stag-do strategy.


Having a Stag Do Abroad: Pros and Cons


Unique Experience: An overseas stag do can provide a unique experience with different cultures, landscapes, and activities. It’s an opportunity to explore new horizons and create unforgettable memories.

Escape Reality: Going abroad allows you to disconnect from everyday life, offering a break from work and responsibilities, making relaxing and having fun easier.

Weather (almost!) Guarantee: Depending on the destination, you might have better weather than in the UK, which opens up more outdoor activities and beachfront relaxation.



Cost: Stag do’s abroad can be really expensive when you factor in flights, accommodation, and currency exchange rates. This could limit some friends from joining the celebration.

Travel Hassles: Traveling to a foreign country can be taxing, with potential delays, language barriers, and unfamiliarity with local customs.

Time Constraints: The need to take time off work and the constraints of a tight schedule might limit the length of the celebration.


Having a Stag Do in the UK: Pros and Cons


Cost-Effective: Staying in the UK is generally more budget-friendly, making it accessible to a broader group of friends.

Familiarity: No language barriers or unfamiliar customs to deal with. Everyone is comfortable with the local culture.

Varied Options: The UK offers a wide range of activities, from city nightlife to scenic countryside retreats.



Limited Weather Reliability: The UK’s unpredictable weather can sometimes disrupt outdoor plans, especially if you’re hoping for sunshine.

Routine Environment: It may not provide the same sense of adventure as an overseas destination.


Combining Both Worlds: A Peak District Pub Tour

Sometimes, the best solution is to have a bit of both. After enjoying a stag do abroad with your friends, consider a follow-up celebration with a UK twist. The father of the bride is usually welcome to this celebration! The Peak District, centrally located with its breathtaking landscapes and charming pubs, offers a fantastic option for a UK-based adventure. Here’s why:

Scenic Beauty: The Peak District’s stunning scenery provides an incredible backdrop for outdoor activities like hiking and biking and a picturesque pub tour.

Pub Tour Fun: A Peak District pub tour is a unique experience that combines the charm of traditional British pubs with the beauty of the countryside. It’s a great way to celebrate with friends while enjoying local beers and delicious pub fayre.

Cost-Effective: Since you’ve already had the overseas experience, a UK-based pub tour can be a cost-effective way to continue the celebration without putting too much strain on the budget.


Whether you opt for a stag do abroad or in the UK, each choice has its advantages and drawbacks. However, you don’t have to choose just one. A Peak District pub tour can be the perfect compliment to an overseas adventure, allowing you to strike a balance between exploring new horizons and savouring the beauty and charm of the UK’s countryside. It’s the best of both worlds, ensuring an unforgettable stag do for the groom and his mates.