Article published: October 11th, 2012

There seems a real trend at the moment for councils and police alike cracking down on insane stag and hen do weekend shenanigans.  First off we heard about Newquay, a town renowned for its Stag Weekend and Hen Do’s.  The local council even banned the wearing of the infamous ‘Mankini’ from its town centre in a hope to cut down on drink fuelled anti-social behaviour.  We then heard of one of Liverpool’s premier comedy club’s efforts to put as stop to drunken Stag and hen parties spoiling performances for comedians and audience alike and this week, we learn that Butlins in Minehead, Somerset is threatening to throw our groups of Hens and Stags for drunken behaviour.

Of course, Hen Do and Stag Weekends are going to entail a little alcohol fuelled evening fun, but do you really want to contribute to the crowds of hens and stags that descend upon the UK’s towns and cities, causing havoc and frankly, not being able to remember much about the celebrations at all?   How about a Derbyshire Stag Activity Weekend or Staffordshire Hen Do Weekend that will blow the socks off each and every one of you?  An activity weekend comprising a selection of adrenaline fuelled activities, from target sports to motor sports, to watersports?  And there’s even an option to engage in calmer activities for girls weekends such as pamper parties, cookery days and photo shoots too!

Hard Days Knight specialises in staging and managing bespoke Hen do and Stag Activity weekends.  Working closely with groups to find out which activities interest all individuals, we help you to plan Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Peak District Stag and Hen Weekends that can comprise literally any combination of outdoor or indoor activities across multiple centres and in addition to tat, we also boast a comprehensive array or Staffordshire and Derbyshire Stag and Hen Accommodation.  From stag houses to wooden cabins, hotels to converted barns and chapels, there really is something to suit every group and budget.

Have a drink in the evening!  Who wouldn’t?  But to plan a bespoke Hen Do and Stag Avtivity weekend in Derbyshire, Staffordshire and the Peak District, speak to Hard Days Knight to discuss your requirements!