Article published: August 8th, 2012

Derbyshire boasts some of the UK’s most varied and interesting countryside, making it one of the country’s most visited tourist regions. Its mixture of rugged hillside and woodland enable it to play host to a most exciting form of target sport and an exciting group activity, Painballing.

Painballing in Derbyshire is a must-do activity for any group of people seeking an adrenaline fuelled weekend, from hen do to stag activity weekends, right through to Corporate Team Building weekends and more.  With our Derbyshire Paintballing venue being voted one of the best in the UK, it’s hardly any wonder this sport if proving more and more popular.

Our makeshift village comprises numerous purpose built battle zones, which provide quite literally the best paintballing Derbyshire and indeed Staffordshire has to offer.   Two bases are built from Sandbag Bunkers.  150 metres apart, and with a huge missile in the middle, they are surrounded by trenches, huts and sandbags.  The Village contains a missile which must be located whilst fighting the enemy.  The Jungle is a thick and dense environment.  Simply get to and overpower your enemies base.  The Bridge, in the heart of the forest, lays over a very large swamp.  Your team will need to get to the other side to win.  Speedball, as the name suggests, requires the capture of your enemy’s flag in just 5 minutes and finally, The Castle, requires your team to protect your flag whilst your enemy break into your compound.

But enjoying Paintballing in Derbyshire is made possible by the highest levels of Instruction and refereeing.  Experienced staff will ensure your enjoyment and safety at every stage of your visit.  You’ll also be provided with camouflage overalls, facemask and hood and of course, a 260 per second semi automatic paintball gun and 4 pots battle packs.  For more information on making your Derbyshire Paintballing a hit, please get in touch with a member of our professional team!