Article published: May 29th, 2022

Out of Season Hen and Stag Dos

Most stag and hen parties take place between March to September each year in the UK. Obviously, this has a lot to do with the volume of spring and summer weddings, but no longer is it standard place that the stag or hen party takes place so soon to the wedding. Not to mention the wedding season has expanded to cope with the Covid postponements and demand. Therefore, out of season stag and hen parties are on the rise.


Hmmmm – so why not consider September through to February?

This can be a great time to book your stag and hen do for loads of different reasons and here are just a few…



A big consideration when planning any stag or hen party is how much it’s going to cost per person. There is always a lot of diversity in mixing a group of friends together, and everyone has different ideas on what to prioritise the budget on. And of course there’s always that one person who knows it all and has an opinion about everything, but isn’t prepared to help you with the planning.

Accommodation can be significantly cheaper out of season, and some property owners have more flexibility on one-night stays. There are simply great bargains to be had!



With the trend and rise of staycations, accommodation availability has been really limited these past couple of years, so securing that ideal property for the weekend you want hasn’t been easy.

Its not just the accommodation though, as activities haven been extremely popular too. When planning a multi activity weekend for a group of people, having flexibility on availability and start times really helps to ensure your weekend runs smoothly.

We mustn’t forget your group members availability as well. The past few years of postponements has meant everyone is busy, and getting that ideal weekend in when you are all free can be virtually impossible. Going for an out of season date can make finding the ideal weekend a lot easier and you’ll be guaranteed a good turnout.



Let’s face it – even in the middle of August it can be wet, windy and unpredictable in the UK. Post Covid we have all been just happy to get out and about whatever the weather, so does this really bother us now? The reality is that the average temperatures are higher in September and October than what they are in March and April, so don’t just stick to tradition.


That Festive & Fun Feeling!

Autumn and Winter times have their very own feel. We all enjoy getting together with family & friends at that time of year. We just love sitting round a fire or kicking back in a fab traditional pub and hanging out with the people that are close to us. So when considering a stag or hen weekend at these times of year, it’s an extra excuse to simply get together.