Article published: March 14th, 2013

According to the Portsmouth newspaper, ‘The News’, in Britain we have the stag do, whilst in the US, they have the batchelor party.  Canadians have a bucks fizz party, and in France they have the ‘enterrement de vie de garcon’.  And, in Germany it’s referred to as ‘junggesellenabschied’.  The point is, whatever it’s called or referred to, it comprises a group of men celebrating the last night of ‘freedom’ for their friend i.e the stag, before he gets married.

Until recently, the stag do was held the night before the wedding; perhaps not a great idea really.  And, all stag do’s seem to revolve around copious amounts of alcohol and a string of very questionable activities, some of which can haunt the reputation of the ‘stag’ for years to come.

But consider now that the stag do is potentially a more sophisticated and memorable function.  Consider staging a stag weekend that comprises stag activities in Derbyshire and the Peak District. Imagine consulting all of your stags to find out their favourite group activities, from driving and motor sports, to target sports including clay pigeon shooting and archery.  How about water sports, cycling, climbing, caving, abseiling and much more?  In fact, combine any of these stag activities , or indeed hen activities in Debryshire and the Peak District and you have a very happy entourage.  An entourage that will remember the start of your married life fondly.  No raised eyebrows.  Well, not too many at least!