Article published: February 7th, 2022

Let the Fun Begin!

Once your location and accommodation are sorted, the fun stuff can begin. Your weekend is like a blank canvas, and some groups just want to go with it and others want the whole weekend planned to the minute. Whatever your group wants, we’re here for you!

The only problem here is that there is so much choice, and it’s sometimes difficult to make a decision. We would recommend thinking about the following…



You must focus on the fact that this is a group weekend away, and that you’re dealing with varying expectations of cost. It’s a good idea to get a rough idea on what your groups total spend and activity budget is before booking anything. If your budget is tight, going for a package option can be really helpful.



Lets face it – there is going to be age and ability variation in your group. Although gorge scrambling may sound perfect for you, the father of the groom may not be thanking you in his wedding day speech. Leaving some members of your party out of an activity can isolate them, and may roll over into the evening. Choose something that everyone can have a go at, and have a laugh about.



There are all sorts of activities, from the relaxing to the extreme. Really think about what you want to get out of your weekend. What vibe are you going for? A silent disco works fantastically if you’re going for a festival feel, where a zombie experience is great for an adrenaline rush. Speak to the groom or bride to be to get their feelings on how they want the weekend to go.



Ultimately you want to be laughing while doing your activity, or laughing about it that evening. There may be members of the group that haven’t previously met, and having a fun experience together can really break the ice and actually enhance the main event of the wedding.



You’ll know if you’ve had a great experience if it makes it into the wedding speeches! Stag and hen do’s should be memorable for the right reason and not for any pranks gone wrong.

Once you’ve considered all the above and narrowed down your choices, we can really get into the actual activities. Here at Hard Days Knight we have hundreds of activities, and to feature them all would take forever. Our next few blogs are coming to focus on our popular activities and packages.


Remember – we’re with you every step of the way and have organised thousands of events, so we know all the top tips and things to avoid!