Article published: September 12th, 2012

Are you really up to managing a group of kids for the day single handed?  Can you keep a bunch of rowdy children truly occupied and satisfied by staging epic Childrens’ Parties in Derbyshire of Staffordshire?  Can you pull off Kids’ Parties they’ll be enthusiastically recounting for months to come?  Well no worries.  We can!

Kids Party Ideas in Derbyshire and Staffordshire are our speciality and we work across a large number of outdoor activity centres to offer unrivalled bespoke fun days;  Childrens’ Parties that can comprise any combination of activities to suit all attendees or all ages and interests.

So how do we do it?  Well, first of all, we look at the activities that interest your little monsters.  Sorry, party group.  For the more rough and tough Kids Parties, we offer Boot Camp and Extreme Boot Camp; from 4×4 vehicle rides, to obstacle courses, to air rifle shooting.  If your Childrens’ Party entourage likes shooting, then why not opt for a combination of Clay Pigeon Shooting, Country Sports or even Jungle Laser Combat, an activity that will see the kids pitch their laser beam technology against each other across a number of exciting skirmish settings?

For more leisurely Kids Parties in Derbyshire and Staffordshire, then your group might consider any combination of windsurfing, sailing, kayaking and canoeing, and raft building. And for those looking for kids party ideas with a little difference, then we provide climbing, bushcraft and survival, and even a photo party shoot too.

So, if you want less stress, maximum excitement and full on safety, speak to Hard Days Knight for Kids Party Ideas in Derbyshire and Staffordshire now!