Article published: May 23rd, 2023

How Far in Advance do I need to Plan a Hen Party?


Planning a memorable hen party requires careful organisation and coordination.

How far in advance you plan your hen party will depend on several factors and vary greatly. It’s not uncommon for this process to take over a year, but it could also be done in a few weeks, although this may not be as stress-free!


Typically, in the UK, the average length of engagement is 12 – 18 months. Brides tend to like their hen parties a few weeks or even months before the actual big day.

This means they can relax and enjoy their hen party rather than being distracted by the big event, guests tend to be more available, and it gives them a chance to recover!


The maid of honour, the bride-to-be and close friends may start the early stages of planning a hen party not long after the engagement.

The initial steps of gathering ideas, researching destinations, and activities as well as setting the budget can all be done at leisure.


Choosing the best date for your hen party can be a timely challenge on its own. Having your hen party ‘save the date’ in advance will really help with attendance and group numbers.

Communication will be key throughout the whole hen party planning process. You may want to consult with your group for preferred communication channels – email, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp groups all being popular options.


Once you have an idea of destinations, activities and budget, as well as potential dates, start the process of booking your hen party.

This can be a full year in advance, but starting the process early will mean you have increased options, securing preferred venues and avoiding last-minute stress.


You may want to create a timeline for planning all the different elements of your hen party. There are a lot of different options and details to consider.

Finalising some details of a hen party can be left until nearer the event date. Please see some of our other blogs for more details and tips on how to plan your hen party.


It’s certainly achievable to plan and book a hen party in a few weeks. However, you won’t have as many options, and it can be stressful fitting everything in.

Consider using the services and expertise of a hen party planner, who can take a lot of the stress away.


Organising a memorable and successful hen party requires planning, communication and attention to detail.

How quickly that is achieved will vary for all hen parties. Early planning of your hen party should take place 6-12 months before the event and give you a more stress-free and unforgettable celebration for the bride-to-be.


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