Article published: June 6th, 2022

Hen Parties on a Budget

We’re all too aware that the cost of living has gone up. But that won’t stop your friends expecting a great time when they come on that hen do you’re planning.

A regular issue with hen parties is they usually span a pretty diverse group of people. There will be some big spenders, and of course some that just simply can’t afford it. As the hen party organiser, planning an event that caters for everybody can be extremely challenging. And expensive!

However, a hen party on a budget certainly doesn’t have to boring!!

The top things that you need to consider are…..



First things first – SET A BUDGET! This may sound simple, but everyone has a different idea of what the budget should be, and what to prioritise the budget on.

Our advice is go straight to the top. Speak to the bride, and discuss what you think will work best for the whole group.

Work everything out on a cost per person basis. It’s much easier to sell it to the group when priced individually. And although some companies won’t thank us for saying this, keep the budget realistic. It’s all too easy to get carried away, and before you know it you’re spending £300pp!!

We know this sounds a little odd, but try working backwards. Set your budget per person, and then find the aspects of the weekend you’re looking for based on that figure. If it doesn’t fit in bin it!



You can simply choose staying at home for a £0 budget, or a night out locally. You may wish to consider camping, self-catered accommodation or a hotel (from £35pppn, its not as bad as you might think). Staying in at a holiday cottage is more of an initial cost, but after all things considered it actually may be cheaper than a big night out on the town. Transport may not be top of the agenda, but do consider it. Staying home costs are going to remain low, but taxis and mini buses out can add up. Think ahead, and pre-book group transport or car share.



It’s all in the planning – as well as a location you’re going to need food, drink and some activities to keep everyone entertained.

Fuelling your party is a must! Without it, you will burn out. Planning food into your day, night or weekend will help reduce the costs. All get together and order an online delivery, or budget in that takeaway. Look out for group discounts. Some restaurants have cheaper set menu options.

Alcohol tends to be high on the priority list for hen parties! Again, planning and group purchasing supplies for wine, spirits and cocktails can be very cost effective. Look out for supermarket offers and buy in advance. Just make sure that you have some soft drinks in the budget too. Why not try mocktails as well as the normal cocktails, and the booze will last longer. Buying your own is always going to be the cheapest option, but do look out for happy hour and group discounts if you’re going out on the town.

There is loads of stuff that groups can get up to, and a lot of them are free. We would really recommend planning in some activities and games, otherwise things can get a bit flat. Keep up that high energy with walks, outdoor games, and crafting activities. This is such a massive topic that it warrants another blog! But the main point for now is plan what you’re going to do in advance, and remember paid activities can be great value dependant on how long they keep you entertained for.

Planning is key in creating that amazing unique hen party on a budget. Make time at the early stages to find out what the Bride to Be wants, and get the foundations in place. Once that’s established, planning in all the other parts is as easy as 1, 2, 3 (Budget, Location, Plan).


We get the pressure of planning a hen do can be difficult and one blog doesn’t cover it, but we’re here to help. HDK Events is all about No Fuss, No Stress and No Drama.