Article published: January 14th, 2022

Getting started

Let’s face it folks, when you’re tasked with organising a stag or hen do your initial thoughts of partying with your mates soon turns to stress from the pressure of getting it right, and everyone looking at you if it goes wrong. One of the biggest issues with a group get together, and especially stag and hen dos, is there are going to be members of your group that you don’t know so well, are of different ages and inevitably have their own suggestions of what the ‘ideal weekend away’ should be.

Some in your group are going to want to hardcore party, and others will want entertainment and relaxation. The biggest hurdle to overcome is that you simply can’t please everyone, and you have to accept that from day one.

Speak to the future groom or bride – that’s the person that matters most. The reason you’ve been chosen to organise this in the first place is because you’re their best friend or someone they really trust, and you probably already know what kind of thing they want without even having to ask.

So sit back and think about it for a minute. What kind of person are they? What makes them tick? What will they want to get out of their weekend? And what does their list of fellow stags/hens look like?

There’s always going to be that bizarre old school friend, who let’s face it is a little bit weird. But the bride/groom wants them there. Given enough space and the right agenda, of course they can be included, and everyone gets the weekend they want.

Stick with your gut feeling. That’s the one that will work the best. Don’t overthink it too much. And again, don’t try to please everyone – that’ll just send you potty! Trust us on this – don’t put the whole thing out to the group to get their approval, because that’s a recipe for getting nowhere fast.

We’re putting together a serious of blogs, from starting to think about what you want, choosing a location, picking the perfect accommodation, the right activities and entertainment for your group and the bells and whistles stuff that will simply make you look awesome.

We’ve got your back at Hard Days Knight, and you can speak to our resident expert Greg at any time in your planning journey. We’ll get it exactly right for you and your group.