Article published: November 3rd, 2014

Looking for a unique stag do or hen party?

Take a long deep breath . . . and let it out. Feel better?

If you are planning your wedding, then chances are you have been dealing with an awful lot of stress and panic over the last few months. After all, planning the perfect wedding is not easy – especially when there are literally thousands of things that you have to consider. From the awkward guest list to the seating plan, trying to find the best deals with caterers and photographers, and then suddenly remembering that you have not even thought about favours yet, getting married and planning a wedding is enough to turn anyone stark raving mad.

But as if all of that was not enough, you realise that you have not even given a second thought to where your stag do and hen parties are going to be. They often get put aside until it is too late, and you end up settling for a slightly boring pub crawl in the city, where you can’t hear what anyone is saying, and you do not really get a chance to actually celebrate. Who wants that?

And that is why we believe that you should have a totally pain free, stress free, worry free experience when you start thinking about planning your stag do or your hen party. No one needs any extra aggravation after you’ve spent hours trying to tell the difference between ivory napkins and champagne napkins! We offer something completely unique, and completely stress free, and that is why so many people come to us to host their stag do or hen party – or sometimes even both.

So what makes us so different? Well, for a start we don’t think that you need to be within a large city to enjoy a fantastic stag do or hen party. City based celebrations are so over-rated, expensive, and difficult to organise. Instead, we offer each and every one of our brides, grooms, and all of their friends and families something completely different: a celebration in the glorious natural environment of the Peak District and Derbyshire.

Stag and Hen Party Tipi Glamping in Derbyshire

There is absolutely nothing like the stunning scenery that you can find here, and there is no better way to relax and unwind than stepping out of the rat race, and slowing down your pace of life for your last party in freedom! From the rolling moors to the stunning hills, from the crisp dawn to the gorgeous sunsets, you simply cannot miss out on the opportunity to celebrate your up coming wedding, and escape from wedding planning in the Peak District.

These fabulous views have inspired Jane Austen in her writing of Pride and Prejudice, Sir Walter Scott in all of his writing, William Wordsworth’s poetry, Charlotte Bronte’s book Jane Eyre, and all of Beatrix Potter’s animal adventures. Countless others have visited here and found peace and rest where they could escape from the world – people like Lord Byron and D. H. Lawrence. You can now join their ranks, and discover that the Peak District really does live up to all of the hype.

Stag and Hen Party Houses in the Peak District

Why not contact us now for an informal chat about how you would like to escape from the hustle and bustle of the world, and get back to nature as you celebrate your stag do or hen party with your loved ones. We offer the completely unique chance to have a personalised adventure out in the world, in a place that people travel thousands of miles to see. We have it right on our doorstep, and we would love to help you to explore its majestic beauty.