Article published: November 1st, 2013

Last week, you may have seen a picture of MEP Godfrey Bloom with is head firmly embedded in a pair of well, breasts. The picture, from his own stag night some 30 years ago sees him engaging in high jinks with what he refers to as the ‘compulsory stripper’. Here at Hard Days Knight, we’re no prudes. Of course not, but have a little more class for crying out loud.

Butlerettes in Derbyshire and the Peak District

If you’re interested in staging an action packed Derbyshire hen do or Peak District stag weekend then you could consider our butlers in the buff or butlerettes. They’re scantily clad, extremely fine specimens who are willing to serve you hand and foot within the comfort of your very own Derbyshire accommodation. The perfect way to unwind after a day of outdoor activities that might include any combination of watersports, shooting and target sports, motorsports and much, much more.

Caving activity in the Peak District

So check out our selection of activities here and to discuss everything from activities, to catering, transport and Derbyshire accommodation, get in touch now!