Article published: February 21st, 2019

When you’re planning a stag do, it’s likely that you’ve had enough of all-night drinking in a city centre bar; where your feet stick to the floor and you despise the music (and surrounding company). SO… let us introduce you to some of the best stag do ideas in the stunning UK countryside.

1. Hunted
Just like the popular TV programme. The feeling of being a fugitive, being hunted in the open countryside is both exhilarating and terrifying. Your mission: To avoid capture (whilst collecting tokens shown on your map). The hunters know every trick in the book, and they’re coming for you…

Hunted - Stag do ideas Hunted in real life

2. Quad Trekking Extreme
If you’re looking for Stag do ideas, normal quad biking just won’t cut it. This extreme trekking version puts you in control of 400cc Suzuki quads which are capable of speeds in excess of 60mph. You’ll be faced with miles of exhilarating terrain including steep slopes, wild woodland and challenging hills.

Quad Trekking Stag Do Ideas Stag Do Ideas Quad Trekking

3. Blind Driving
Put your skills to the ultimate test by hopping into a 4×4 blindfolded and letting the passenger give you directions. This hilarious activity is guaranteed to start an argument between the passenger and driver – Good luck getting around the course if Gary doesn’t know his lefts from his rights!


4. The Shooting Syndicate
This activity is for those of you that want the full shooting experience. Over the course of around three hours, you’ll cover five different areas of shooting:

Air Pistol Shooting or Axe Throwing

Clay Pigeon Shooting using Traditional Shotguns or Pump Action Shotguns

.22 Calibre Rifle Shooting

Crossbow Shooting

Traditional Archery

Divided into teams and scored (of course) you can finally end the “I’m definitely better than you!” argument.

5. Totally Wiped Out
How many times have you said “I’d love to try that” when you’ve been watching someone throw themselves across four giant red balls? Good news! You can! In teams, you will be up against a compilation of the best elements of TV gold, from Gladiators to It’s a Knockout – this bouncy course will be sure to have you cry-laughing from the moment you start.



These are some of our most popular stag do ideas… but we have LOADS MORE! Take a look at our other stag do activities.

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