Article published: January 24th, 2012

This month we look at Jungle Laser Combat. If you’re looking for kids’ party ideas in Derbyshire and Staffordshire, Jungle Laser Combat is an active children’s’ party activity and a half utilising state of the art laser beam technology.

Jungle Laser Combat will have the kids reeling for weeks afterwards!  Armed with their own accurate and realistic laser weapon, the kids can play out all of their action and adventure dreams in the purpose-built laser combat zones. The Jungle is thick and dense and two teams start at opposite ends, their objective being to get to the enemy base, steal their flag and get it back to their base.

There are sandbag bunker bases with a huge missile in the middle, a makeshift abandoned village set deep in the jungle, a bridge over a swamp in the heart of the forest, a castle to attack and defend and much more.

It’s the perfect outdoor activity to get the kids active and fit and the parents can get involved too, if they’re tough enough that is! For more information, please click here!