Article published: January 29th, 2022

Accommodation Advice

Right, you’ve decided what kind of stag/hen vibe you’re going for, and chosen the area that you’re interested in. Now you need to get the biggest and most expensive challenge off the list – accommodation!

Your accommodation will set the scene for your amazing weekend, so it’s important to get it right. We book hundreds of groups into accommodation every year, and these are the questions you need to be asking –

What is the size of your group & are your numbers going to change?

What is your budget – is it affordable for all the group?

Is it stag/hen friendly – are there restrictions?

Group Size

We all know that as soon as someone mentions party that everyone wants to come, but by the time you’ve nailed down the date and cost the original 20 can end up as 10. There’s no magic formula that is going to calculate and guarantee your numbers. Money does talk and our top tip would be to collect deposits, ASAP or even before you book. Getting anything from £10-£50 beforehand means that you have your deposit ready & waiting for when you see that dream property. Keep in touch with your booking company or property owner, and let them know about any changes ASAP. Chances are if they are stag/hen friendly, they will give you some flexibility.


Choosing properties in the right price brand for your group is key. You could book a gorgeous period property or a bunk barn, and the price difference will be huge. Get an idea of what your group is willing to spend on accommodation, and this will help refine your search. Be realistic and be quick. The well priced accommodation always goes first. If you have a bank holiday weekend or specific date in mind, you may have to book up to a year in advance. Be aware that if the property is a set price and only half of you end up going, you’re doubling everyone’s costs!

Stag & Hen Friendly

This may not be the first question on your mind, but checking that your accommodation takes stag and hen groups or has any restrictions due to being in residential areas can really be helpful. No one is going to thank you if you all end up sitting inside from 8pm on the hottest day of the year as you don’t want to get fined for making noise in a residential area. In this Instagram world, sometimes that rural retreat isn’t as isolated as it appeared on the photos. Online booking agents, although at times can be cheaper, may not be giving you the full picture, be aware. Avoid Airbnb at all costs! Often the property owners will not have asked neighbours to their properties if they’re happy being next door to a stag or hen weekend, and this can lead to some very frayed confrontations at 2am in the morning when you’ve woken them up. Don’t book in somewhere pretending you’re not a stag/hen party. We’ve seen this time and time again with other companies, and you’re guaranteeing a nightmare of a weekend. We can’t stress this enough – MAKE SURE YOUR ACCOMMODATION IS STAG/HEN SUITABLE OR YOU’LL HAVE A NAFF WEEKEND.

Other Questions

There are a few other things worth noting. It’s a good idea to know if you’re allowed on-site activities. Is there a hot tub? If not, can you hire one, and does the property owner charge extra for the use of the electricity and water? Can they recommend catering options? Can they help with your transport needs? Your group are going to look to you to be the resident expert on everything from the location, to the property and entertainment. Quite a challenge if you’ve never visited the area and have a busy life. That’s why using a local booking agent can be so valuable. They are the local experts and know what you are going to ask before you even think about it. Top tip – don’t book with a national company. They won’t know the property you’re booking from Adam. Worth thinking about!

Good luck with making that accommodation choice! Next week we will be focusing on the fun stuff and the wide variety of shenanigans you can get up to.