Article published: September 20th, 2013

If you’ve watched ‘Bouncers’ on Channel 4, you’ll be only too familiar with the drink-fueled stag and hen parties that descend on some of the UK’s poor towns and cities. Pub crawls followed by drunken shenanigans, the odd fight or two, a quick urination here, a letch or two there. You know the score! Well so too do Swansea Council which is considering proposals to set up a ‘drunk tank’. Stags and hens worse for wear and disturbing the peace could end up in a commercially owned ‘drunk cell’ and landed with a bill of around £400 for the experience. Great fun and what a bargain!

Plan your Derbyshire Peak District hen do and stag weekend well and you won’t have time for most of the above though. Plus, your party will actually remember that they had one of the greatest times of their lives too! Choose any combination of shooting and combat, watersports, motorsport and a heap of other interesting activities.  Select accommodation to suit your group and budget and yes, enjoy a drink or two in the evening.

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