Article published: August 23rd, 2013

Britain’s best selling fashion magazine, Look, recently wrote about the 12 things you should never do on a hen do weekend.  They went a little something like this:

1. Tequila! Tequila for racist Grandma!
2. Inviting racist Grandma.
3. Booking a stripper who takes a liking to racist Grandma and keeps grinding on her Zimmer frame.
4. Hosting it in January (“Sorry babes, on a detox.” “I have no money.” “Hibernating until the sun reappears.” “I hate humanity right now.”)
5. Games involving ex-boyfriends and cameo appearances from said ex-boyfriends.
6. Live-tweeting the night: “Soooooooooooooooo drunkgotin a igloo hat. What happens to fish?”
7. “Hey everyone! Let’s tell those large, angry-looking locals how rubbish their town is!”
8. “Hey everyone! Let’s tie the bride to that lamppost – naked! She’ll think it’s hilarious in the morning!”
9. “Hey everyone! Let’s jokily kidnap that hot guy over there and keep him in my basement, only remembering he’s down there a week and a half later!”
10. Drunkenly deciding now is the perfect time to tell the bride marrying “that ugly loser” is a terrible mistake.
11. Getting angry about the bride texting her groom, so throwing her entire handbag – including her phone – into the bar’s giant, fancy fish tank. Although that will be a good lesson to the owners not to have pretentious fish tanks in their bars.
12. Deciding you need to photographically document every little bit of the night for Facebook – including the maid of honour throwing up tequila over racist Grandma and the stripper, and the bride cosying up to the fit guy you’re planning to kidnap later.

So here are OUR 12 things TO do on your Derbyshire and Peak District hen do weekend:

1. Try shooting something on our shooting and combat activities.
2. Get behind the wheel of something fast and furious with our motorsport and driving activities.
3. Shout ‘ahoy there’ to your hens on our watersports activities.
4. Get waited on hand and foot by our scantily clad hunks.  Our Butlers in the Buff.
5. Learn how to make canapes, chocolate and a whole lot more on our wonderful cookery experience!
6. Make lasting memories of your weekend with our hen party photo shoots.
7. Giddy up the weekend with our horse riding and trekking activity.
8. Eye up a naked man and draw him.  Yup, our nude life drawing experience will raise a giggle or two.
9. Relax.  Do just that with our pamper party activity.
10. Ask ‘Is anyone there’ – But make sure it’s at one of our tarot readings.
11. Learn how to make beautiful wooden animals, baskets and more with our willow weaving activity.
12. Put John Travolta to shame with our awesome dancing lessons.

But the absolute beauty is, you can mix and match any combination of the above for a truly bespoke Derbyshire and Peak District hen do weekend to remember for a lifetime!  Get in touch with Hard Days Knight to start planning