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Zombie Survival Horror Experience

3 hours
Minimum participants
Maximum participants
Discounts available
On bookings of 15+ people
At a glance

9 extreme tension locations to choose from
One Airsoft gun per person, with limited ammo
Limited amount of gun upgrades available – give yourself the edge
Stag or hen party? Tell us and we’ll add in some unforgettable moments
Consequences if you get infected
Marshalls and first aiders will be patrolling the site
Bring a bodycam to capture the action
Light snacks and refreshments available to purchase
No spectators – this is a live experience

Props Provided
Guns & Ammo Provided
Upgrades Available
Ideal for Stags
Ideal for Hens
Safety Glasses Provided
Free Car Park
Food Available
Hot/Cold Drinks Available
£60 per person
3 hour live horror survival experience.

This is a truly unforgettable experience for your stag/hen party or works night out. We’re not going to dress this up – this is absolutely terrifying and probably the scariest thing you’ll ever do.

We’re really proud to announce that we can bring you the VERY, VERY BEST in zombie survival experiences. There has been no expense spared in creating a truly horrifying experience for those brave enough to sign up for this survival horror activity.

This is a live action zombie survival experience that will hurl you and your group right out of your comfort zone, and test your nerve to the limits. We’ve all seen those zombie movies, and you’ve probably played the computer games too. But they are NOTHING compared to this. What would YOU do when the zombie apocalypse arrives?

Do NOT take part if you have a timid disposition or a heart condition. This isn’t for you.

But if you’re up for it, we challenge you to join us at this terrifying quarantine zone. There have been numerous outbreaks confirmed in Derby, Sheffield, Leicester, Manchester, Liverpool, Wigan, Stockton on Tees, Kirton RAF Base and Coventry. The forces have managed to contain the infected to quarantined sectors. Since that first infection, there have been over 2,000 survivors attempt to try to contain the threat.

Can you enter one of these petrifying locations and avoid infection? They’re a daunting maze of rooms, open areas, stairwells, hidden tunnels and narrow openings. We strongly recommend you bring a torch along to help you through the site – anything could be lurking in the dark.

Making your way through the dark buildings is only part of it. At some sites there is also a village consisting of abandoned military vehicles, canvas tents and… wildlife. You’ll face more than just zombies in the dark corners of these sites. Uncover the secrets that you will have to unlock to survive.

Zombies won’t be your only enemy. Please be extremely wary of people you might meet along the way. Not all can be trusted.
You and your hunters will be armed with a single weapon each. Once you’ve been given your briefing you will have to battle and reclaim the outbreak zones that have become infested with the walking dead. Some lesser experiences have staff members guiding you. Not here. On this mission your group are on their own, free to search and roam. Good luck with that.
This activity completely immerses you in a terrifying Zombie Apocalypse. Each member of your team will be allocated one gun and you must fight your way through the outbreak zone. During your mission you may meet other characters along the way. They may help or hinder you. But your main concern are the zombies, who’s sole intention is to bite and infect you.

Upon arrival at the official rally point, you will be thoroughly de-briefed and led to to command central. Take a moment to look up at the sky – most of our fighters don’t see daylight again. Your team will receive weapons training and be extracted into the epicentre of the live outbreak zone. From here on you’re left alone to deal with whatever lies in wait. We prey you don’t get infected. There will be consequences for those that get bitten. Trust in your instinct, your reflexes, and most importantly your team.

READY TO SIGN UP? Fill in the form below and one of our field operatives will get back to you. Or give us a call. We’ll do our best to answer….if we can. Good luck out there.

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