Thrilling Zombie Survival Experience in the UK | Stag & Hen Parties | HDK

Survive the Zombie Apocalypse for the Ultimate Stag and Hen Party Experience!

3 hours
Minimum participants
Maximum participants
Discounts available
On bookings of 15+ people
At a glance

8 extreme tension locations to choose from
One Airsoft gun per person, with limited ammo
Limited amount of gun upgrades available – give yourself the edge
Stag or hen party? Tell us and we’ll add in some unforgettable moments
Consequences if you get infected
Marshalls and first aiders will be patrolling the site
Bring a bodycam to capture the action
Light snacks and refreshments available to purchase
No spectators – this is a live experience

Props Provided
Guns & Ammo Provided
Upgrades Available
Ideal for Stags
Ideal for Hens
Safety Glasses Provided
Free Car Park
Food Available
Hot/Cold Drinks Available
£60 per person
Embrace the Apocalypse: Hard Days Knight's Unforgettable Zombie Survival Experience

Three Hours of Pure, Unadulterated Horror
Prepare for the most intense, pulse-pounding three hours of your life with Hard Days Knight’s live horror survival experience. Perfect for stag and hen parties, this terrifying journey is not for the faint of heart. If you’ve been seeking the thrill of your life, look no further – but be warned, this may well be the most terrifying adventure you’ll ever embark upon.

At Hard Days Knight, we take pride in delivering the absolute best in zombie survival experiences. We’ve spared no expense in crafting an immersive, heart-stopping live-action event for those brave enough to step into this world of survival horror.

Prepare to be launched out of your comfort zone as you and your team face unimaginable fears. You’ve seen the movies and played the games, but none of them can prepare you for the reality of this experience. Will you have what it takes when the zombie apocalypse descends?

Due to the intensity and fear factor, this experience is not suitable for those of a timid nature or anyone with a heart condition.

For those who dare, we invite you to step into our horrifying quarantine zone. We’ve had confirmed outbreaks in Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leicester, Manchester, Durham, York and Wakefield. Our forces have managed to contain the infected in these sectors, and over 2,000 survivors have already tested their mettle against the threat.

Can you navigate through one of these petrifying zones and avoid the infection? Can you endure the foreboding maze of rooms, open areas, stairwells, hidden tunnels, and narrow openings? We strongly advise you to bring a torch, as danger lurks in every shadow.

Navigating through the darkened structures is just the beginning. Some sites also feature abandoned villages, complete with forsaken military vehicles, canvas tents, and the unknown. As you navigate through these areas, be prepared to face more than just zombies lurking in the dark. Trust no one you encounter; not everyone can be relied upon.

Armed with a single weapon each, your team will need to reclaim the infected zones. This is not a guided tour; you are on your own, free to explore and survive. You’ll face more than just zombies, but your ultimate concern is to avoid the zombie’s bite – the bite that could infect you.

Upon your arrival at the rallying point, you’ll be thoroughly briefed and led to command central. Take a moment to soak in the daylight – it may be your last glimpse for a while. After receiving weapons training, you’ll be plunged into the heart of the outbreak zone. From that point, it’s up to you to survive the impending threats. We can only hope you avoid infection – the consequences of a bite are dire.

Trust your instincts, trust your reflexes, and most importantly, trust your team.

Are you ready for the heart-pounding, adrenaline-filled stag or hen party experience of a lifetime? We’re serving up the ultimate test of bravery, teamwork, and quick thinking right here in the heart of the UK. Hard Days Knight is your first stop for the ultimate zombie survival experience.

Survival is just the beginning…

Get Ready to Battle Zombies in Derby
Put your courage to the test in Derby! Our premier zombie survival experience offers you an intense and unforgettable stag or hen party experience. Get your adrenaline pumping with some “Zombie Survival Derby” antics for the ages!

Nottingham’s Ultimate Stag & Hen Party
Looking for “zombie activities Nottingham”? Look no further! With Hard Days Knight, we turn your stag or hen party into an extraordinary adventure, immersing you in a world where survival is everything.

Sheffield Zombie Fun for Your Stag & Hen Party
Planning a “stag party Sheffield” or “hen party Sheffield”? Shake things up with our Sheffield zombie experience. We guarantee a terrifyingly good time for all!

Manchester: The Heart of Zombie Apocalypse
Let your “stag do Manchester” or “hen do Manchester” be an apocalypse adventure! Navigate your way through zombie-infested grounds for the thrill of a lifetime.

Get Your Thrills in Leicester
Search for “stag do Leicester” or “hen do Leicester”, and you’ll find Hard Days Knight at the top! Experience a terrifyingly immersive zombie survival game that will make your special occasion unforgettable.

Battle the Undead in Durham
We’ve got your “stag do Durham” and “hen do Durham” covered! Enjoy the ultimate thrill-seeking experience with friends as you fight for survival against our horde of zombies.

Zombie Apocalypse in York
Why not add “zombie experiences York” to your stag or hen party plans? With Hard Days Knight, you’ll get an unforgettable, adrenaline-pumping experience that’s perfect for thrill-seekers.

Wakefield’s Ultimate Zombie Experience
Plan your “stag do Wakefield” or “hen do Wakefield” with a twist. The Hard Days Knight zombie survival experience offers an exciting, heart-stopping adventure for your special event.

With Hard Days Knight, every stag and hen party turns into an unforgettable adventure. Navigate through the apocalypse, put your survival skills to the test, and become the ultimate zombie survival team!

Book your experience now for the most thrilling, unique stag or hen party ever. Ready to sign up? Hit the Check Availability button above and one of our operatives will get back to you. Or give us a call. We’ll do our best to answer…if we can. Good luck out there. We’re counting on you.

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All the fun with no drama

Early December we undertook a stag do booked through Hard Days Knight (HDK). Greg and the team there made the whole experience as easy and seamless as possible, helping us book amazing accommodation in Belper for 13 people and then finding us fantastic activities to fill the stag. Greg was a pleasure to wok with being friendly and understanding as our plans shifted around a bit and organised a shooting experience and pub tour for the stag both of which went down amazingly. The shooting experience as a fun filled morning of competition and laughs then the pub tour took us to some fantastic pubs, with great choices of beer and food. We'd all be happy to do the tour again and see what other pubs Greg would find for us! Through HDK we had transport to and from the activities sorted and it made the weekend flow so smoothly. I can't thank HDK enough for making it such an easy experience and I'd recommend them to anyone looking to organise a Stag or similar event. Thank you so much :)

December 2023

First of all would love to say thank you to greg and the team from the start right up to the end they was always helpful and never to busy to help. We booked a stag weekend with them that consisted with a log cabin, quad biking and a zombie experience the whole group had an amazing time so much that we are now looking at doing it yearly (after convincing the wives). So Thank you to HDK for an amazing stag weekend that was planned by yourselves. Ben

October 2023

I used HDK for my sisters hen do. If you want hassle free please and organisation, use Hard Days Knight was effortless . I just picked where and when and what activities we wanted and it was all organised for us. Very very helpful and accommodating couldn’t do enough, was a pleasure. Answered any questions kept in touch.

September 2023