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Thrilling School Sports Day in the Peak District and Derbyshire

2 - 3 hours
Minimum participants
Maximum participants
Discounts available
On bookings of 20+ people
At a glance

Nostalgic Old School Sports Day Theme: A fun-filled trip down memory lane with classic school day activities
Flexible Locations: Events can be held on farmers’ fields or at sports fields and schools across the UK
Customisable for All Group Sizes: Perfect for stag and hen parties, team building, birthdays and more
Professional Event Management: Includes a professional event coordinator acting as a referee
Competitive Team Activities: Participants compete in color-coded teams, complete with bibs and headbands
Variety of Classic Games: Enjoy egg and spoon races, tug of war, sack races, and more, plus extra surprise games
Special Feature for Hen Parties: Option to include a School Quiz if required
Coloured bibs and all necessary equipment provided, and a group photo
PA system for music to enhance the atmosphere, and medals for the winning team can be added
Assistance in sourcing a venue

Props Provided
Can Bring Your Own Food/Drinks
Activity brought to your Venue
Upgrades Available
Ideal for Stags
Ideal for Hens
Spectators Allowed
£30 per person
School Sports Day - legendary fun for Your Stag or Hen Party

Get ready to dive into the nostalgia of your school days with our Old School Sports Day experience, now tailored for the wildest and most fun-loving stag and hen parties in Staffordshire, Derbyshire, and the Peak District! Imagine a day where you can unleash your inner child and compete in a riot of laughter and friendly rivalry.


Picture this: you’re standing on a sprawling farmer’s field or a classic sports field, decked out in vibrant team colors, complete with those essential bibs and headbands (because what’s a school day without them?). You and your mates are split into teams, each vying for the coveted title of School Sports Day Champions. It’s not just a competition; it’s a throwback fiesta!

Our team can set up this blast from the past anywhere in the UK. Tell us your location, and we’ll conjure up the perfect venue, ready to accommodate any group size, from cosy gatherings to grand corporate affairs. We specialize in creating bespoke events that resonate with your group’s unique vibe.


The games? Oh, they’re the heart and soul of the day! Relive the quirky charm of the egg and spoon race, test your might in the tug of war, and get ready for an extra dose of fun with some surprise games we’ve thrown in. For hen parties, we can even spice things up with a cheeky school quiz at halftime. Just say the word, and our team will make it happen.


What’s in store for you? Think of a day filled with laughter, cheers, and unforgettable moments. Our professional compere and event manager will ensure everything runs smoothly, while our referee-like event coordinator keeps the competitive spirit alive. And let’s not forget the prizes waiting for the triumphant team!

From the giant egg ‘n’ spoon race to the hilariously chaotic 10-legged race, every game is designed to create belly-laugh fun! Whether you’re racing with a bean bag on your head, hopping in a sack, or navigating a space hopper course, each activity is a reminder of the carefree joy of youth.

Select four from these exciting activities:

Giant Egg ‘n’ Spoon Race: Engage in this side-splitting event where participants juggle oversized eggs on colossal spoons, ensuring laughs and memorable moments!

Tug of War Challenge: Dive into a lively tug of war, a test of strength and hilarity, promising an intense yet humorous showdown.

Classic Sack Race: Leap into the iconic sack race, where you jump into your sack and experience the joyous chaos that ensues!

Hockey Relay Race: Partake in the thrilling pace of the Hockey Relay Race, a game that demands teamwork and promises exhilaration.

Relay Race: Experience the thrill of speed and collaboration in a race that gets your adrenaline pumping as you pass the baton to victory.

10 Legged Race: Teams bind their legs together and hop in harmony, combining laughter and teamwork to cross the finish line.

Bean Bag Head Balance Race: Tackle the amusing challenge of balancing a bean bag on your head while navigating an obstacle course.

Skipping Race: Engage in a skipping race that tests your coordination and agility as you hop towards the finish line.

Space Hopper Race: Bounce and navigate on a space hopper, turning the race into a gravity-defying, fun-filled adventure.

Wheelbarrow Race: Team up for a wheelbarrow race where coordination and strength are key, as one navigates the course on hands while the other guides.

Hula Hoop Challenge: Test your skill in keeping a hula hoop spinning while racing to the finish line.


So, gather your friends for a day of nostalgic fun, perfect for team building, birthday bashes, or simply a unique get-together. With Old School Sports Day, you’re not just planning an event; you’re crafting memories that will have you all laughing for years to come. Join us for a day where fun is the only rule and laughter the only expectation!

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All the fun with no drama

Early December we undertook a stag do booked through Hard Days Knight (HDK). Greg and the team there made the whole experience as easy and seamless as possible, helping us book amazing accommodation in Belper for 13 people and then finding us fantastic activities to fill the stag. Greg was a pleasure to wok with being friendly and understanding as our plans shifted around a bit and organised a shooting experience and pub tour for the stag both of which went down amazingly. The shooting experience as a fun filled morning of competition and laughs then the pub tour took us to some fantastic pubs, with great choices of beer and food. We'd all be happy to do the tour again and see what other pubs Greg would find for us! Through HDK we had transport to and from the activities sorted and it made the weekend flow so smoothly. I can't thank HDK enough for making it such an easy experience and I'd recommend them to anyone looking to organise a Stag or similar event. Thank you so much :)

December 2023

First of all would love to say thank you to greg and the team from the start right up to the end they was always helpful and never to busy to help. We booked a stag weekend with them that consisted with a log cabin, quad biking and a zombie experience the whole group had an amazing time so much that we are now looking at doing it yearly (after convincing the wives). So Thank you to HDK for an amazing stag weekend that was planned by yourselves. Ben

October 2023

I used HDK for my sisters hen do. If you want hassle free please and organisation, use Hard Days Knight was effortless . I just picked where and when and what activities we wanted and it was all organised for us. Very very helpful and accommodating couldn’t do enough, was a pleasure. Answered any questions kept in touch.

September 2023