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Incredible Murder Mystery Experiences throughout the UK

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An fully narrated murder mystery experience
There are no hidden charges – travelling, etc is all in the cost
An extensive range of actors to choose from
Several plots to choose from
We’ll include personal aspects about your group in the script

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Murder Mystery Experiences throughout the UK.

Dive into the world of intrigue and suspense with Hard Days Knight!

We curate unparalleled and electrifying interactive murder mysteries tailored just for you. Be it public, private, or corporate events, expect nothing less than mind-bending surprises. Choose from our exhilarating murder mystery dinners, captivating weekend escapades, thrilling hen parties, engaging teambuilding exercises, and more. Anything you fancy in the realm of murder mysteries, we’ve got it! Regardless of your vision or budget, we promise to design an experience that’s nothing short of perfect. Dive in and let the mysteries unfold!


What We Offer

Step into the dramatic universe of Hard Days Knight! We architect immersive murder mystery events for those with a thirst for unforgettable escapades. Rooted in the worlds of professional film, theatre, and television, we’re driven by two pursuits: delivering unparalleled entertainment and ensuring impeccable customer satisfaction. Whenever you envision a murder mystery, wherever you desire, we promise an affair that’s sharp, packed with action, and absolutely exhilarating.


Our Approach

Every event comes alive with a stellar ensemble of professional actors. Watch them unfold a riveting narrative, get swept up in the drama, engage with them, be entertained, and, of course, put on your detective cap to question them. But hold on tight, as a murder will shake things up – and you’ll be at the heart of solving the mystery.


Our Venues

Hard Days Knight doesn’t just create mysteries; we transport them everywhere. Our legacy boasts tales spun in our full range of accommodation including opulent country houses, cosy pubs, majestic castles, rustic campsites and even the intimate corners of personal residences. Dream of a location? We’ll make it our stage. We’re passionate about finding the perfect setting for your event, but the choice is yours.


Why we do it

While some murder mysteries offer a simple download-and-go approach, we believe in crafting experiences. Forget the standard, confusing paperwork or a half-hearted act; we know special moments demand the extraordinary. Dive deep into our myriad of spellbinding scenarios, witness professional actors bring stories to life, experience jaw-dropping sequences, savour the finest mix of comedy and drama, and enjoy tailored scripts to elevate your party’s ambience. Every event is a promise of a memorable night, and we’re eager for yours to be our next masterpiece.


Want a member of your group to play the detective or perhaps the prime suspect? Dive into personalised events filled with insider jokes and unexpected twists. If you’re seeking a grand celebration experience, you’re at the right destination!


Here’s what we offer: Our stag and hen party murder mysteries come alive with phenomenal actors, a mix of comedy and drama, tailored details, themed storylines for stag & hen parties, standout moments especially for the bride/groom-to-be, and to top it all, prizes that include champagne and chocolates. In short, laughter and fun are guaranteed!


Choose from our exclusive stag & hen party murder mysteries:

Bone of Contention – Step into a 1920s scene reminiscent of Agatha Christie, blended with dark humor. Every guest gets a starring role, ideal for parties of approximately 8-20 attendees.

Vicars in a Twist – Dive into a whirlwind of comedy, chaos, crime, and some confused clerics. Designed for gatherings of up to around 30 participants.

Where There’s a Pill There’s a Way – Perfect for groups ready to unleash their wild side! A fun-filled event is a promise. Suitable for large parties of up to 40 guests.

Here are some more suggested plots to choose from –

Gin-tastrophe at John Claude’s Michelin-star chef John Thomas and Claude Brûn, a previously disgraced health inspector, have started a risky venture: an upscale gin bar in a questionable part of town. However, John’s spry 84-year-old mother has hopped on board, and neither John nor Claude are gin experts.
Inspiration: Withnail and I combined with the finesse of MasterChef.
Dress Theme: Sinfully Styled!
Actors: 4

Wizards in Trouble at Hogwash Larry Trotter, the renowned wizard, faces a mystery. His friends are tying the knot, but chaos ensues when Larry goes missing. With everyone as a potential suspect, expect magical puns and unexpected revelations. Inspiration: St. Trinian’s crossed with the drama of Love Island.
Dress Theme: Be Your Favorite “Larry Trotter” Character!
Actors: 2

Rome’s Comic Conspiracy
It’s 54AD. Emperor Claudius has domestic and political troubles aplenty. Dive into a chaotic world filled with political conspiracies, shady relationships, and peanuts. Inspiration: Carry On Camping’s humor meets Gladiator’s intensity.
Dress Theme: Roaring Rome!
Actors: 5

Dicky Clifford’s Mysterious Demise The charming novelist Dicky Clifford is no more, with two significant attributes absent. Dive into a world of suspicion and comedy as detectives scramble to solve the mystery. Inspiration: And Then There Were None’s suspense meets Fawlty Towers’ hilarity.
Dress Theme: Time-travel to the Twenties!
Actors: 2

The Fatal Performance A talent show tailored for the youth becomes the backdrop for an unexpected twist when auditions turn perilous. Inspiration: The drama of The X-Factor meets the intrigue of Traitors.
Dress Theme: Celebrity For A Day!
Actors: 2

Forbidden Chapters 1927: Erotic novelist Clarissa Braithwaite is set to release her next salacious book when her young grandson unveils shocking truths. Inspiration: Downton Abbey’s elegance clashes with The Exorcist’s horror.
Dress Theme: Dabble in the Occult!
Actors: 3

Corporate Chaos Highfliers Georgia and Hugo, known for troubleshooting, dig too deep and find skeletons in a renowned company’s closet. But there’s more to their story. Inspiration: The mundane life in The Office collides with Benny Hill’s absurdity.
Dress Theme: Corporate & Chic!
Actors: 3

Roxie’s Revengeful Revel Roxie Powell, the party planner, seeks vengeance during her best friend’s hen night, plotting a devilish scheme to win back her old flame. Inspiration: Cherry Falls’ thrill combined with Dirty Dancing’s romance.
Dress Theme: Dance with the Divas & Duel with the Devils!
Actors: 4

Revenge in the Infirmary Professor Fortescue’s life spirals out of control when funding cuts, clinical mishaps, and personal vendettas culminate in a hilarious sequence of events. Inspiration: The intensity of Silent Witness meets the slapstick comedy of Bedroom Farce.
Dress Theme: Healing or Heels?
Actors: 4

Vicar Ventures Go Awry Two vicars venture on a bonding weekend but find themselves embroiled in hilarious misadventures. Inspiration: Sister Act’s melodies combined with the comedic timing of Up Pompeii. Dress Theme: Holy & Hilarious! Actors: 3

The choice of plot is entirely yours. Get in touch and let us know more about your group and celebration, and we’ll get cracking with some hilarious and exciting suggestions!

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All the fun with no drama

Visited here last weekend, superb place very spacious, amazing property's on offer lovely views. Activities on offer are vast and there's so much to do we opted for karting and shooting and it didn't disappoint. We spent hours using the full sized pool table and the bedrooms were lovely and clean, if you want an all inclusive weekend away whether it's a stag do or any other gathering then this is ideal and when there's up to 12 people or even less if represents great value for money for what you get, thanks guys. James and the lads.

March 2023

We went through Greg from HDK to help us organise a stag do for 13 lads in the Peak District. Straight from the off Greg was extremely accommodating and friendly, happy to help with all (a lot) of our questions. The activity day was a real highlight and exceeded my expectations, so a massive thank you Greg and the team for booking that and to all the guys who ran the activities. Brilliant all round. Thomas S.

March 2023

Amazing service from Greg at HDK. The snow thwarted our hen do plans at the last minute but Greg very diligently found us an alternative activity for no extra charge. He was communicative and available to talk whenever was needed and I couldn’t have asked for a better service! 10/10 would recommend. Emma G.

March 2023