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Unleash the Ultimate Stag and Hen Adventure in Derbyshire & the Peak District

Approx 4 hours
Minimum participants
Maximum participants
Discounts available
At a glance

Full stag/hen party evening out in Derbyshire & Peak District
Includes 4 hour mini bus pub tour
You can add extra hours to your tour from £95 per hour
You can add a brewery/distillery tour
Includes great country pub meal
Pick up and drop off included
No planning – we do all that for you

Activity brought to your Venue
Upgrades Available
Ideal for Stags
Ideal for Hens
Food Available
£79 per person
Discover Our All-Inclusive Stag and Hen Night Package

Experience the ultimate stag and hen night extravaganza in the breathtaking landscapes of Derbyshire and the Peak District! Brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure, as we have meticulously crafted an outstanding package that will leave you absolutely thrilled. The best part? You won’t have to worry about a single detail, as we have taken care of all the planning for you.

Let’s dive into what this sensational package has in store for you:

Transportation fit for a royal party! We’ll whisk you away in style, arriving at your accommodation or any location of your choice in a sleek and comfortable minibus or coach, perfectly suited to accommodate your entire group.

Feeling extra adventurous? Adding an optional brewery or distillery tour lets you immerse yourself in the captivating world of craft beverages, unlocking tantalizing secrets and savouring exquisite tastes (additional cost applies).

Prepare your taste buds for an exquisite feast! We will escort you to a carefully selected pub, where a delectable 2 or 3-course meal awaits. If the weather is on your side, we can even arrange a table outside, allowing you to relish your culinary experience amidst picturesque surroundings.

Enjoy the evening at your own pace, knowing that your personal transport awaits in the car park. Stay as long as you desire, relishing every moment, knowing that you have a reliable ride to whisk you away when the time comes.

As the night progresses, we will eagerly transport you to the next country pub on our extraordinary tour. Indulge in the welcoming ambience, savour the delightful drinks, and soak up the convivial atmosphere as we ensure you experience the true essence of these charming establishments.

Feel free to linger or move on swiftly—this is your tour, and we understand the importance of flexibility. You dictate the pace, allowing us to cater to your every whim without ever rushing you. Pure freedom, pure enjoyment.

As your incredible journey nears its conclusion (typically spanning a magnificent 4 hours), we prioritize your safety and well-being above all else. Rest assured, we will make certain that each and every one of you return to your accommodation intact, preserving the cherished memories created throughout the night.

That’s the essence of our exceptional offering. If the idea of a pub tour tailored for stag and hen celebrations, coupled with a captivating brewery experience and a sumptuous country pub meal, ignites your excitement, then look no further. For those of you yearning for a taste of the city’s vibrant energy, we can even customize a package that concludes in the city centre of your choice, patiently waiting to bring you home once your urban escapades are complete. The sheer beauty of these tours lies in their adaptability. We can fine-tune every aspect until it matches you and your group perfectly. While most of our groups opt for the 4-hour tour, rest assured that you can extend it to accommodate your desires. However, do tread carefully, as some of the local ales pack quite a punch—after all, we want your tour to end with laughter, not a visit to the A&E!

When it comes to your meal, we value individuality. Each group member will have the opportunity to pre-order their desired dishes, ensuring that everyone’s culinary preferences are met flawlessly. With pre-paid arrangements in place, there’s no need to worry about splitting bills or tracking expenses. Our dedicated country pubs will liaise with you beforehand to discuss your specific food requirements, leaving no stone unturned in providing an exceptional dining experience.

The prices naturally vary as each stag and hen group is unique and tailored to your preferences and personal needs. Once we’ve had a chance to discuss and fine-tune your requirements, we’ll provide you with an exact quote, ensuring transparency and no hidden surprises along the way.

These tours are immensely popular and always in high demand among stag and hen groups seeking an extraordinary experience. Therefore, we kindly request that you secure your booking as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Relax, unwind, and let us handle all the planning and logistics. Your sole focus should be on revelling in entertainment, exquisite food, and refreshing libations. Trust us to curate an unforgettable night, leaving you with memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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All the fun with no drama

Early December we undertook a stag do booked through Hard Days Knight (HDK). Greg and the team there made the whole experience as easy and seamless as possible, helping us book amazing accommodation in Belper for 13 people and then finding us fantastic activities to fill the stag. Greg was a pleasure to wok with being friendly and understanding as our plans shifted around a bit and organised a shooting experience and pub tour for the stag both of which went down amazingly. The shooting experience as a fun filled morning of competition and laughs then the pub tour took us to some fantastic pubs, with great choices of beer and food. We'd all be happy to do the tour again and see what other pubs Greg would find for us! Through HDK we had transport to and from the activities sorted and it made the weekend flow so smoothly. I can't thank HDK enough for making it such an easy experience and I'd recommend them to anyone looking to organise a Stag or similar event. Thank you so much :)

December 2023

First of all would love to say thank you to greg and the team from the start right up to the end they was always helpful and never to busy to help. We booked a stag weekend with them that consisted with a log cabin, quad biking and a zombie experience the whole group had an amazing time so much that we are now looking at doing it yearly (after convincing the wives). So Thank you to HDK for an amazing stag weekend that was planned by yourselves. Ben

October 2023

I used HDK for my sisters hen do. If you want hassle free please and organisation, use Hard Days Knight was effortless . I just picked where and when and what activities we wanted and it was all organised for us. Very very helpful and accommodating couldn’t do enough, was a pleasure. Answered any questions kept in touch.

September 2023